OOC: Here is an overview of the Tribe. Feel free to use this if your character would have access to such files.

IC: Somewhere in Thrall’s files regarding guilds which serve the Horde: Bad Moon Rising

The guild known as Bad Moon Rising appears to be loyal to the Horde and particularly the leaders Cairne Bloodhoof, Vol’jin and Thrall. They call themselves a tribe and are under the leadership of Trannok, a younger shaman of some skill.

The name Bad Moon Rising comes from a vision Trannok has had regarding difficult times ahead. We have a transcribed copy of that vision, given to us by Algora, one of his tribal council. Algora also has sent some information regarding the portals and the nether and other documentation which suggests that the guild believes that the cults surrounding Ogrimarr are working toward a return of the Burning Legion. Our own documents concur. However Bad Moon Rising believes that Trannok’s vision may be foretelling that the time of return for the Burning Legion may be coming soon, or some perhaps something worse. Their goal is to prepare for this “dark time.”

In preparation for this dark time the have been rooting out cults, investigating ruins of antiquity, conducting raids on known horde enemies, and defending horde resources in an effort to prepare for what we can only guess they believe will be an apocalyptic time.

Their guild structure is based on an extended wolf pack system. It is believed that the totem of the Tribal leader is a wolf, and therefore the guild structure seems to follow similar lines. Individuals are rarely seen fighting alone for any extended period of time. When questioned about the reason for this, they cite their motto, “The Strength of the wolf is the pack. The Strength of the pack is the wolf.”

Known concerns:

Undead have been more widely accepted into the tribe lately. However, it has been noted with some concern, that those undead who have have been accepted into the tribe may not be on the best terms with the banshee queen Sylvanas Windrunner.

Blood Elves, much like undead, are available to apply to the tribe. However, there is some noted concern here. The tribe understands that those Blood elves, accepted into the tribe may not be on the best of terms with their current leadership (i.e. the Scryers of Outland.)

Though none appear, in either case of Undead or Blood Elves, to be outright political dissidents or rebels against their leaders, it is clear that their political allegiance is to Thrall, Vol'jin or Cairne Bloodhoof. When questioned on the changes in their tribal acceptance, they give no firm answer except to say that the spirits have led them to accept these Foresaken and Blood Elves.

Initial concerns with their apocalyptic vision made us look more carefully at their structure to see if there were any cultic tendencies among them. They do not follow obvious cultic practices such as isolating members from their loved ones, and demanding subservience to a single leader, etc.

Their continued growth is a minor concern, especially among those watching for potential cultic practices. We understand that they steadily gain a few members a week and have had to turn a few away. They state that they have enough among them to do a full 24 hour watch. This extensive growth bears watching.

ooc: if this sounds like the type of tribe your character would be like to be a part of, read part 3, "Trannok's Vision".