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Letters from Khydann: 5, 5.5, and 5-P (Personal)

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 22, 2008 6:29 pm    Post subject: Letters from Khydann: 5, 5.5, and 5-P (Personal) Reply with quote

((These are letters Khydann has written to BMR, some time ago; they are only now arriving in clumps, looking a bit worse for wear and heavily edited. These letters contain relatively minor spoiler information about the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. If you don't want to read such things, venture no further!))

((There are three letters in this bundle. The first is a single page with a scattering of words scrawled across it in spiky, jagged, loose script, as well as splotches of ink and trailing lines. The second is much neater and more legible, more informative; the first letter is folded up in the second. The third is addressed to Roshanar personally. All of the letters are much less thoroughly censored than previous ones have been.))

((first letter))

I'm so sorry, so sorry, I can never be sorry enough. I can't

she's gone

they were all dead except her, but we found

we didn't find her, maybe she went and hid somewhere, we've searched but can't find a trail, except those nether-damned xxxxxx and they move fast, but if they... they would have dropped her ((scratched out))

I found part of her tabard, that's all I have, there's some packs and supplies but we can't tell what belonged to who, they're all dead. What if she's injured somewhere? I'm going to search more, I can't sleep not knowing

There's blood everywhere and they ate... parts, but nothing that's hers, and there's dead xxxxxx, they fought hard, and I DON'T KNOW. and it's snowing, it's covering everything, i have to go look NOW

((second letter))

My patrol didn't want to let me go charging off into the snow searching for Zekett alone, but they couldn't stop me, so Karzon came with me. Before he came up here, he spent a while helping the ancestral spirits in Garadar and Nagrand, so he... I didn't want to talk about it, or even consider it then, but he had skills to help me if she was ((hesitation scrawls)) dead.

We went over the trail, some of the fucking xxxxxx had survived the fight and went running off, but they didn't drop... anything that would indicate that... ((scrawl)) There's tracks along the path the patrol came from, and they set up camp. It looks like the xxxxxx found them and attacked while they were asleep. Maybe the sentry fell asleep, maybe they took the sentry first. We found... enough of the others to confirm that they're all dead. And their packs and supplies, of course, all ripped up and thrown around. I couldn't tell what was hers, if she'd taken anything after the fight and left on the xxxxx'x trail. Except half her Zephyr Crew tabard... maybe she wasn't wearing it, maybe she was keeping it in her pack. And ((something scratched out)) that was all.

The shaman and I went and looked around, and... we don't know for sure, but we scoured the area, and searched with magic. We buried the patrol, and we're camped - away from the attack site, of course, but near enough to keep an eye on the place, and we have to leave in the morning. These letters will be given to the post officer when we get to Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx. I hope I'll be home soon.

- Khydann Thistledown

((letter to Roshanar))


I failed.

I've enclosed a copy of the letter I'm sending to the Crew and Bad Moon, about finding the camp, and searching with Karzon. There's a couple of other things that I wanted to tell just you, that I hope you'll understand.

We spent hours looking for Zekett, and found nothing. Along with the xxxxx prints, there's some strange tracks... hooves, maybe; xxxxxx working with xxxxxx isn't unexpected, though nobody up here has seen it yet. Or maybe just a horse - or an xxxxxx horse, anyway - which is also disturbing, as it would mean that there's also xxxxxx that aren't xxxxxxxx. Xxxxx xxxxxx are usually much more powerful and dangerous than xxxxxx and xxxxxxxxx. The xxxxxxx at Xxxxxxxx seem to be xxxxxxxxx, but it's hard to tell - I know that others of them I've seen in the past have been. Anyway, these hoof prints didn't give much more information.

After a while, I was... not doing well. I was kind of crazy, I wanted to find some sign of her so badly, and I was wearing myself out. Karzon pulled me off the trail, found a quiet spot that he liked, where he said the spirits were strong, and he talked to me. All I'd known of him on the patrol was that he was born on Draenor, that he was a highly respected veteran. He told me that on Draenor, his mother had been a teacher in the arts of shamanism, and his father had been a brave - a guardian, hunter, builder - of their tribe. When the demon madness came, his mother died trying to resist the blood rage. He came to Azeroth with his father and two sisters. He was the only one of his family to survive the wars with the humans. After he was liberated from the camps by Thrall, and came to Kalimdor, he had a mate... she was killed by quillboars while Orgrimmar was being built. Later, there was another woman, and he had two children with her. They wanted to move to Crossroads, but they ran into a Kolkar raid on the way... so he knows about loss.

I told him about Zekett, Challe and Mama Rockhoof, about you and your family, about Bad Moon. We talked for a long time. Then, when I was feeling much calmer, and more - grounded, I guess, he said that he could try to ask the spirits of the ancestors, to see if they'd seen Zekett. Before we talked, the idea would have been - I wouldn't have been able to even think about it clearly, but by then, I was okay with trying.

There aren't any Shu'halo ancestors in Xxxxxxxxx, of course, but there's the xxxxxx, and they're kind of our ancestors... relatives of them, anyway. Karzon was able to call up a xxxxxx brave, who told us that he hadn't seen Zekett in the spirit world. I asked him, I told them about the talisman that Zekett made, when I adopted her as a Thistledown. I thought that he might be able to find it and tell me where she was. I showed him mine, and he said that he could sense one like it nearby. I was so happy... he led us back to the camp, where some stuff had been thrown, and... it was there. She'd made an armband for it out of grass and boar tusks. It has a link to her spirit, it's got Shu'halo totem magic and troll juju. the xxxxxx said... he could see a link, it went far away, he said over the ocean, but I don't know how that can be right. and he said that her spirit is fading.

I don't... I want so much to hope, but this is
I think I have to accept but I don't
know what to do

I'm coming home as soon as I can. I don't know how soon I'll be able to manage it.

I want to burn this place to ash.

- Khydann
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