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Bloodmoon Eclipse

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 18, 2008 12:26 pm    Post subject: Bloodmoon Eclipse Reply with quote

Keryn’s wolf whined, catching her mistress’ indecision, and shifted restlessly, shaking her head and baring her teeth. They were in the Plaguelands, in Plaguewood. They had been here a long time, stopping briefly with the Argent Dawn to repair and resupply, then moving on again, always moving on. They had been here since the tumultuous, inconclusive meeting in Orgrimmar, where Keryn had first learned of the changes in the Plaguelands. Of the disappearance of Naxxramas. Of the appearance of another, unnamed, structure hovering over the mountains behind Light’s Hope Chapel.

She had let herself become sidetracked. The danger of the Burning Legion in the Outland had been clear and needed to be addressed. It had been. But her own task, imposed on herself in the first hour she had awoken as one of the Forsaken, was still unaccomplished. Unfinished. She had not found them. She recited the names to herself, the pledge to find and free, one way or another. Mother. Father. John. And Brion. She had not found any of them, not among the dead, not among the free Forsaken, no word in all the years she’d searched.

They had to be somewhere. Among the Scourge seemed the most likely. Three had been with her when the plague had reached the mining village of Stonedale, high in the Lordaeron mountains. She had seen them succumb to illness and death, had buried the first two herself, had been too weak to bury the third. The fourth? Her brother had been with the army, serving the Knights of the Silver Hand, which were no more. He was gone. Stonedale was gone.

The smooth surface of her goblin-made transponder felt good in her hand. With it, she could reach out to her tribe, her friends. Her people, though they’d been hated enemies while she lived. Undeath had taught her a great deal about tolerance. Now, the burly, gentle Tauren, the fragile-seeming blood elves, the wiry trolls, and the oddly-divided, half-mystic, half-berserker orcs, were her chosen kin. Thinking of them, she almost smiled. The Tribe prospered, at least.

The ring of metal on stone alerted her to the presence of others...many others, from the sound of it., eight sets of metal-clad boots striking the road surface in crisp unison. Soldiers. Along this road, they could only be Scarlets.

She urged her wolf into the trees along the road, concealing herself from the travelers. Yes, there they were, eight of them surrounding a ninth, a slender blindfolded woman who made no sound at all when she walked. The Oracle.

Keryn’s lips curled in a sneer. Since her awakening, the Scarlets had been her first and most hated enemies, and the urge to cut them down now was almost stronger than the urge to continue her search. Once she had finished her task, however...

In that moment, the woman’s head turned, her blind eyes somehow locating Keryn’s hiding place, and in a voice both shrill and hollow cried out.

“There! Seize it! The General needs that one!”

Keryn swore and reached for her axe. The eight guards were on her before her feet hit the ground. The wolf snarled and darted away as she’d been taught, out of range of the axe so that Keryn could swing freely. She did, the great, glittering curve of Bloodmoon shining like its namesake in the dim light of the Plaguewood. But every time she cut one of them down, the Oracle’s magic brought the warrior back to continue fighting, and Keryn was alone. Tireless the Forsaken might be, but the odds were against her.

Then her axe connected yet again. The warrior in front of her lost his red-enameled helm and she found herself faced with the familiar, the long-sought.


She was confused by the sudden revelation. Her axe faltered for a moment, and that was all it took. The Scarlet guard before her, her brother Brion, snarled and struck at her, full-force, with his shield. Struck her down, unconscious.

The fight was over.

She had lost.

((Having seen how the timelines are laid out in the expansion, I realized that I would need to revise things that really happened. Ah well.

This story takes place quite a while ago, before the Scourge invasion and the Zombie Plague. So, Keryn could not have sounded the call to arms when Orgrimmar was attacked, as she was already missing at that time.

Yes, missing... you all know Keryn-the-character as been increasingly absent of late, and this is one of the reasons. First, the search for her family that was pushed aside when the Dark Portal opened, and second, her disappearance while on a mission in the Plaguewood.

I'll still need to log in as her, and possibly even start her in Northrend, but until further developments, please consider her on the "missing and unaccounted for" list.

*evil laughter*

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