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A Difference in Taste

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 19, 2008 1:55 pm    Post subject: A Difference in Taste Reply with quote

Guiding Galang, his new armored bear, with subtle presses of his knees, Jutaka was enjoying a hot snack while leisurely exploring the Borean Tundra, Snappah trotting along next to him and occasionally snapping at Galang's tail, when he came across them. Among a few small tents, several people were gathered around what appeared to be a large burning effigy. Not entirely sure what was going on, the hunter wiped the grease from his mouth with the back of his hand, urged Galang to halt, and called out.

"'Ey mon, wha' gwaan ovah deh?"

A Night Elf stepped away from the rest of the gathering and stood just across the path, arms crossed over his bare chest. "We are D.E.H.T.A., Druids for the Ethical and Humane Treatment of Animals, and we are here to protest the cruel treatment of our animal friends across Azeroth and even into Outland." The druid gestured dramatically as he continued. "The demon has many names and each name has held special meaning at one time or another. While the details were sometimes insignificant, the end result was always the same: death. But it is now, nearly fifty years after it all began, that the details will find the devil and lead to his downfall. This time, we have him... There will be no escape for Nesingwary. Northrend will be the-" he cut off, eyes going wide as Jutaka raised his skewer of sizzling meat to take another bite before the Borean winds robbed his snack of all its heat.

"W..what are you eating, Troll?!"

"Oh, dis?" Jutaka waved his meat at the Druid and chuckled. "Don' be wer'yin' mon, dis nuh be from one yah animal frien'. Dis hot spiced Amani Troll kabob!" The hunter grinned and sunk his teeth into one of the juicy hunks of meat and chewed slowly, savoring the complexities of its flavors. "Good stuff, mon, ju be wantin' a bite? Deh some onjions onna deh, too." He held the kabob out, eyebrows raised inquisitively.

The druid seemed to sputter over several possible responses before coldly responding, "I do not eat..." a shudder ran through his whole body, "meat."

"Don' eat meat?!" Jutaka gasped, almost dropping the last of his meal. He juggled it back to safety, barely keeping it away from Snappah as the wolf lept for the falling kabob, before continuing. "Ju nuh be playin' wit' a full Darkmoon deck, mon. We made ta be eatin' deh meat; we nuh likkle rabbits fa ta be eatin' deh leaf an' grass. Blood be mekin' yah strong, mon! Deh ladies, dey nuh be wantin' some weak carrot eatah wit' no mojo." He snorted at the ridiculousness of the thought of not eating meat.

"We can subsist perfectly fine on foods that don't require the wholesale torture and slaughter of innocents," the druid continued angrily, nearly bouncing on his toes with agitation. "Our furry brethren have as much right to live unmolested as we do, Troll."

Jutaka frowned, trying to wrap his brain around the bizarre concept. "But, wha' 'bout deh animals what be eatin' oddah animals. Dem nuh 'llowed ta be eatin' meat, neithah? Dat dun soun' faiah to dem poah animal frien's." Snappah whined piteously in agreement.

"Well, that is part of nature's plan," the druid explained smugly. "What is unnatural is the length Nessingwary and his cronies will go to cause suffering and pain among nature's children." He frowned again as he finally noticed the details of Jutaka's armor; bear heads on either shoulder, teeth, feathers, and other ornaments dangling here and there; and the large rifle slung across his back. "Begone, hunter," the druid growled. "You are not welcome here. Go! Before we show you how we treat those with no respect for life."

"So, none a yah be eatin' meat?"


Jutaka plucked the last of his grilled Amani off the skewer and tossed it to Snappah. "Well, moah fa us, den!" He laughed heartily and turned Galang away. "Come on, Snappah, le's get 'way fromma dese loonies b'foah deh crazy rub off onna us." He waved over his shoulder as he rode away. "Catch ya latah, likkle rabbit man!"

"Nuh be eatin' meat?" He shook his head at all the oddities he had encountered in Northrend and continued accross the tundra.

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