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Your Guide to Lady Deathwhisper Adds

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 22, 2009 6:39 pm    Post subject: Your Guide to Lady Deathwhisper Adds Reply with quote

After our past couple nights spent wiping to Lady Deathwhisper, it seems to me like people still aren't quite understanding how each of the adds in the fight works, and the priority with which they must be killed.

So I will try and break it down so it's a bit more clear.

There are essentially 6 different types of adds in the fight. They are:
Cult Adherent (3-4 spawn every minute)
Cult Fanatic (3-4 spawn every minute)
Reanimated Adherent (created from the corpse of an Adherent who kills itself with Dark Martyrdom)
Reanimated Fanatic (created from the corpse of a Fanatic who kills itself with Dark Martyrdom)
Empowered Adherent (randomly created from a living Adherent)
Deformed Fanatic (randomly created from a living Fanatic)

- Cult Fanatics and Cult Adherents are the "base" adds.
- Reanimated/Deformed/Empowered adds can only come into being from an existing (living or possibly dead) add.
- Deathwhisper can randomly turn a living Adherent into an Empowered Adherent, or a living Fanatic into a Deformed Fanatic. This heals them to full.
- She can randomly reanimate an add that has killed itself via Dark Martyrdom. This produces a Reanimated add of the appropriate type with full health. Dark Martyrdom is a spell that the adds cast seemingly randomly, sometimes when they're near death. It's a 4 second cast that can't be interrupted, but if the add is killed while casting it can't be reanimated.

Lady Deathwhisper's voiceover can be helpful in figuring which adds are being created:
- When she reanimates either type of add, she says, "Arise and exalt in your pure form!"
- When she turns a Fanatic into a Deformed, she says, "I release you from this curse of flesh!"
- When she turns an Adherent into an Empowered, she says, "Take this blessing and show these intruders a taste of the master's power!"

Adherents have 215k health. Fanatics have around 270k. Empowered/Deformed versions may have more.

Every minute, 7 total adds spawn. On the left side, there are two Fanatics and one Adherent. On the right side, there are two Adherents and one Fanatic. From the back, there is 1 random add, either a Fanatic or an Adherent.

Now, in detail:

Cult Adherents are caster type mobs.
- Their primary attack is Deathchill Bolt, a shadowfrost attack that hits for around 10k damage. It is a 2 second cast that can and should be interrupted.
- Since their primary attack is magical, it is not vital for the tanks to hold aggro on them - tanks should be focused more on Fanatics.
- They also cast a spell called Curse of Torpor on a random raid member. This ability causes all of your spells/abilities to gain a 15s cooldown. It must be decursed immediately.
- They can put a shield called Shroud of the Occult. It absorbs 50,000 damage, reflects all harmful spells, and prevents them from being interrupted. For this reason, Adherents should be the primary focus of physical damage dealers.
- Spell DPS can damage the Adherents so long as their shield is down.

Reanimated Adherents have all of the same abilities of standard adherents. They also have an ability which reduces magical damage taken by 99%. Spell DPS should never bother with Reanimated Adherents.

Empowered Adherents gain the ability to cast Deathchill Blast, a 2 second cast which deals around 12k shadowfrost damage to all targets within 10 yards. It can and absolutely, positively should be interrupted. This spell can very quickly destroy nearby melee - if it's hitting 4 targets that's roughly 20k damage per second that the healers have to cope with. Empowered Adherents must be killed immediately.

Cult Fanatics are melee mobs and must be tanked.
- They have a cleave that can severely injure or one-shot melee. Don't stand in front of them.
- They have an ability that causes the next 10k or so healing on the target to be ineffective.
- They cast a buff called "Vampiric Might" which increases their damage and also causes them to heal for 300% of the damage they deal. This buff can absolutely should be dispelled, purged or spellstolen. The more they heal the longer they take to down.

Reanimated Fanatics have all the same abilities as standard Fanatics. They also have an ability that reduces all physical damage taken by 99%. Physical DPS should never bother with Reanimated Fanatics.

Deformed Fanatics hit hard enough to one shot a tank, but they move at 50% speed. They must be kited. Since they will be constantly moving, it is optimal for the ranged DPS to burn Deformed Fanatics down, but melee can and should damage them if they're nearby.


The number one "must-kill" target is Empowered Adherents followed by Deformed Fanatics. Both can be very dangerous, but their danger can be mitigated by interrupted the Empowereds and snaring the Deformeds.

Other than that, no mob is particularly more threatening than any other - however you should familiarize yourself with what each mob is capable of and it's immunities, if any, so that you're not wasting your time attacking the wrong thing.
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 23, 2009 9:39 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The Shroud of the Occult shield that Adherents put up looks like a purple version of the priest Divine Spirit buff. If you see that buff on them and you are a caster, don't cast spells at them.
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 23, 2009 1:40 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Part of the problem I have as a caster with the adherents is that the bubble instantly appears, while my spell is in flight. The result is an unfortunate self nuke.

As a general rule, I only start casting at them if I see their bubble has just been poped. There seems to be an internal cooldown before they can put it back up again.
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