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Echayakee's mate

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 13, 2010 10:43 pm    Post subject: Echayakee's mate Reply with quote

((This is a copy of an in-character storytelling at Sanctuary of the Storm's weekly RP event. Darne is one of Kun's alts and I have his permission to repost this story here! I hope it's not too difficult to read, I may go back and separate out all the lines to make it easier.))

[23:31:57]Darne clears his throat.
[23:33:18][Darne] says: Our tale begins upon a moonlit night. The barrens were quiet, all but one creature. From beneath one of the trees near the northern mountains, a young lion howled his grief to the moon.
[23:33:43]Belaqhuist boggles at Darne.
[23:34:55][Darne] says: He was nearly of age to begin his own pack, but as with all packs, he needed a mate with whom to start it. Despite his best attempts at winning one, despite his gleaming mane, his sleek body, his quick pounces and hearty kills...
[23:35:08][Darne] says: Eycheyakee was unable to woo a lioness.
[23:36:53][Darne] says: Alas, poor Eycheyakee's failure was not due to a lack of physical excellence. He was truly the most handsome of his litter, one of the most muscular of his kin, and one of the quickest of his species. But he did not realize the truth to wooing a woman.
[23:37:46][Darne] says: He hadn't allowed any to see his heart. Yet on that night, as he poured his grief out into the sky, a lioness heard his wails and thought to herself, "There is a lion who truly cares for something."
[23:39:03][Darne] says: She spent all night, the next day, and the following night seeking the source of those heartfelt cries. At last she found him halfway through his most recent kill.
[23:40:27][Darne] says: She approached softly, yet Eycheyakee's keen ears heard her approach, and his head shot up in surprise. What he saw was beyond his fondest dreams. The gleam of her fur, the sharpness of her fangs and claws, the cunning in her eyes.
[23:40:33][Darne] says: He knew this lioness was to be his mate.
[23:40:56]Belaqhuist gets a dreamy-eyed look on his face.
[23:41:01][Numuzoho] says: Or take his kill.
[23:41:12]Numuzoho smiles at Darne.
[23:41:54][Amadahy] says: If she was to be his mate, his kill was her kill.
[23:42:09][Darne] says: He offered her the rest of his kill, and as she had spent so long looking for Eycheyakee, her stomach was empty, and she eagerly accepted his offer. They dined together, and that night, they made to lie with one another, but it was not to be.
[23:42:31]Belaqhuist looks worried.
[23:42:49]Numuzoho Quirks an eyebrow
[23:43:14][Belaqhuist] says: But lying's the best part. You have to get to the lying!
[23:44:04][Darne] says: Lions are keen predators, but they are not the greatest of them. It happened that on this night, a red dragon was making its way home to the Eastern Kingdoms from many years of traveling. He was tired and hungry, and he spotted the lioness's fine form.
[23:44:25][Belaqhuist] says: No!
[23:44:58][Darne] says: The dragon swooped, his talons quicker than any cat, and he scooped up the lioness, hefting her high into the sky as he continued his flight eastward beyond the sea.
[23:45:02]Numuzoho listens intently to Darne.
[23:45:07]Amadahy sighs.
[23:45:58][Darne] says: Echeyakee was heartbroken. Yet in that brief time of love, he found resolve. He would find a way across the sea. He would find a way to best a dragon. And he would win his mate.
[23:46:56][Darne] says: Yet how can a lion have any hope of fighting a dragon? He knew if he were to accomplish this feat, he would need allies. And so he set out across the Barrens, seeking friends to aid him.
[23:47:45][Darne] says: He was only a young lion at this time, remember, so the other cats gave him no heed. Thus he turned instead to an equally cunning predator, the raptor. Bravely he approached their leader, Ishamuhale.
[23:48:39][Darne] says: Now if there's one thing Ishamuhale is known for, its his love of zhevra. If there's a second thing, its his laziness. Ishamuhale refused to hunt for himself, insisting that other raptors bring him part of their meals.
[23:49:50][Darne] says: Echeyakee knew of this, and so he sought a prized zhevra to deliver to Ishamuhale.
[23:51:00][Darne] says: At that time, Swiftmane was not the fastest zhevra in the lands. That honor belonged to his father, Swifthoof.
[23:52:02][Darne] says: Echeyakee, however, was faster than the other lions, and when he went to ambush Swifthoof, the zhevra mocked Echeyakee instead of running. "You are merely a boy! How can you hope to catch the great Swifthoof?"
[23:52:56][Darne] says: The zhevra then ran a circle around Echeyakee to prove his speed, and Echeyakee waited. As soon as the Zhevra darted past his claws, Echeyakee pounced. But not forward, as the zhevra expected.
[23:53:38][Darne] says: Echeyakee pounced backward, right into the spot Swifthoof was running. The zhevra had no time to react, running himself upon the lion's claws.
[23:53:51][Belaqhuist] says: Smart kitty.
[23:54:51][Darne] says: Thus, when Echeyakee approached Ishamuhale, it was with a prize unlike any other. Ishamuhale gladly promised his strongest hunters to the lion in exchange for an annual offering of zhevra, given from the lions to the raptors. Echeyakee agreed.
[23:54:51][Numuzoho] says: Aye hit were the enemy does not expect it when they do not expect it.
[23:55:51][Darne] says: However, raptors aren't that powerful when a dragon can fly. Echeyakee knew the red could easily stay out of reach, so he needed another ally. So he came to the wind serpent Washte Pawne.
[23:56:55][Darne] says: Now Washte Pawne was a beautiful creature and quite vane about the sheen on his scales. He swore no beast in the Barrens could compete with him.
[23:58:15][Darne] says: Echeyakee decided to harvest this vanity for his own ends. He challenged the wind serpent's looks, and Washte Pawne scoffed at the lion. "I accept, and if I win, you are to leave the Barrens, never again to bask in my glory."
[23:58:58][Darne] says: Echeyakee agreed. "And if I win, you and your seprents are to come with me across the seas to drive a dragon out of the sky and into the waiting claws of my raptors."
[00:00:30][Darne] says: The contest was set to be held the next day. Little did Washte Pawne realize, however, but a group of priests were passing through the Barrens for one of their missionary expeditions.
[00:01:38][Darne] says: Echeyakee approached them, and much to their amazement, he spoke, something animals rarely do. "Priests, I hear your magics are quite powerful, yet I also know some of your spells need more than just the Light to fuel them."
[00:02:49][Darne] says: "I happen to know of a place you can find a great number of fine, light feathers with which to use in your magics." The priests were quite excited, and Echeyakee led them to Washte Pawne's roost, where the poor wind serpent was plucked bare.
[00:03:06]Amadahy snickers.
[00:03:09][Darne] says: Echeyakee had his wind serpent army.
[00:04:04][Darne] says: Yet even the serpents and the raptors may not be enough. He needed one more group to aid him, the powerful thunderlizards of the Barrens. And so he approached Owatanka, the oldest of the lizards.
[00:04:48][Darne] says: Owatanka was not impressed by the lion, however. "I have seen you bribe the raptors and trick the wind serpents. What can you possibly do for me, foolish lion, mightiest of the Barrens' creatures?"
[00:06:24][Darne] says: Echeyakee didn't even pause. "Your horns are known to be the central ingredient in Thunderbrew, that drink created by the Panderan Brewmaster Chen himself. Your kind are oft hunted by adventurers for their horns."
[00:07:07]Numuzoho smacks his lips at the thought of Thunderbrew.
[00:07:25][Darne] says: "Help me," the lion pleaded, "and when I grow to my full strength, I will seek out adventurers overeager to prove themselves and strike them down, driving them from the Barrens and keeping your kind safe."
[00:08:20][Darne] says: Owatanka was startled. He had not expected the lion to offer protection, particularly against the one foe more dangerous than the thunder lizards. He agreed, and Echeyakee and his army headed eastward.
[00:09:26][Darne] says: There was one last obstacle standing in his path, however. The sea. The army stood on the shore, staring hopelessly at the endless waters, and Echeyakee began for the first time to feel doubt.
[00:10:00][Belaqhuist] says: Don't worry Echeyakee! You can do it!
[00:10:17][Darne] says: Then from the waves rose the greatest of the threshers, Isha Awak. "Echeyakee, I know your tale. And my brethren will ferry your army across the ocean if..."
[00:10:37]Amadahy waits for it...
[00:10:42][Darne] says: "If what?" Echeyakee asked. The thresher smiled, revealing his many sharp teeth.
[00:11:39][Darne] says: "You must vow that you and your cubs and their cubs on to many generation will never fish from these waters again!" Echeyakee's ears drooped. He so loved the taste of ocean catfish.
[00:12:48][Darne] says: However, He agreed to the deal, knowing that not even fish could compete with his love for his lioness. Thus, Echeyakee came to Grim Batol, home of the red dragons. High upon the mountain, he spotted the dragon and his mate, still alive.
[00:12:51]Numuzoho mutters under his breath, "Should have talked to the goblins they would have brought them across for enhough gold they will do anything."
[00:13:38][Darne] says: "Dragon," Echeyakee shouted, "I have come to take back that which belongs not to you, but to my heart only! Return my love, or you shall face the might of my army."
[00:15:04][Darne] says: The dragon laughed. "You are but a lion. What could you possibly do to one like me?" The dragon launched himself into the air and dove, clawing through several of the raptors before rising out of range.
[00:15:49][Darne] says: Yet he didn't see the wind serpents above as they dove upon him, clawing at his wings and forcing him to the ground. The dragon struck the earth with a loud crack, but he was not defeated.
[00:16:30][Darne] says: As the raptors moved in to strke at the beast, he lashed out with his great tail, swatting them aside before they could draw near. "You may have taken me from the sky, but you are still no match for me."
[00:17:24][Darne] says: The thunder lizards stepped forward, however, spitting lighting upon the great beast. His tail lashed slower and slower, then stopped, completely paralyzed.
[00:18:47][Darne] says: With that, the remaining raptors dove upon the dragon, clawing through his thick scales and tearing into his hide. The dragon growled, but for any raptor he snatched from his back, two more took its place. At last he surrendered. "Enough, Echeyakee."
[00:19:43][Darne] says: The lion stepped forward, staring deep into the dragon's eyes. "So you will return my mate to me?" But the dragon just laughed.
[00:21:03][Darne] says: Echeyakee was not the only one familiar with tricks. Now that his enemy was laid bare, the dragon took forth a deep breath, exhaling a wave of flame directly at the lion. It burned hotter than a thousand bonfires.
[00:21:27]Belaqhuist gasps.
[00:21:52]Numuzoho ponders this
[00:22:19][Darne] says: But as I said, Echeyakee was the fastest of the lions. He darted to the side, ran past the flame, and smacked the dragon right on the end of his nose. That is, afterall, the softest spot on a dragon's body.
[00:23:40][Darne] says: The dragon slumped into a complete stupor, not able to fatham how a lion had managed to best him. His great mind tried and tried again to comprehend this, and while the dragon sat there thinking, Echeyakee got his mate, gathered his army, and went home.
[00:24:35][Darne] says: Once reaching the Barrens, the other lions were in awe of this male barely of age. They pledged their loyalty to him, and Echeyakee and his mate enjoyed a long life together in the Barrens.
[00:25:04]Belaqhuist cheers!
[00:25:08]Numuzoho claps excitedly for Darne.
[00:25:14]Amadahy cheers.
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 14, 2010 7:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Jutaka wiped the blood from his skinning knife on the coarse Barrens grass and rolled Echeyakee's Hide into a bundle to bring back to Sergra Darkthorn. The young troll tapped his knuckles on the shell of the over-sized red crab beside him and stood up.

"Well den, Rangoon, dat be one moah guud hunt. Le's go see what dat Sergra wan' us ta be huntin' next, ya crusty t'ing."

((But seriously, great story! I love it!))

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