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A Letter from Ratchet

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 17, 2010 8:08 am    Post subject: A Letter from Ratchet Reply with quote

"Courier for you, miss."

"Thank you, Glooms, but I don't miss."

The Tribe's indefatigable butler bowed the nervous little creature into the Alpha's 'office' and left, closing the door behind him.


"Here from Ratchet, chief. From Gazlowe. Urgent message. I'm to wait for your response." The goblin snapped off what probably passed for a salute among his kind and held out an official looking bit of paper.

It was sealed with a blob of wax and she could see the imprint of a coin pressed into it. She broke the seal and unrolled the message. The goblin's eyes darted around the room -looking for valuables, probably- and finally settled on the enormous Vrukul axe leaning against the side of the table.

She began to read, her lips moving occasionally.

"To Keryn Weylan, Alpha of the Tribe of Bad Moon Rising, Greetings."

The usual. Flattery, more flattery. That might be an insult, there. Ah, here we get to the bone...

" light of the order of the Warchief...tasked with rebuilding Orgrimmar...iron mine...VACATE THE PREMISES?"

Her voice rose in raspy outrage.

"What does he mean, VACATE?"

The courier took one look at her face (and the hand reaching for the axe haft) and scuttled into the corridor and out of sight.

Keryn followed, but the courier was gone. She beckoned to a nearby cub. "Go find Redwater, kid. Tell him to send someone to look for that goblin and make sure he's not stealing anything, then have him report to me. Tell him it's important." The cub bounded off into the depths of the Den. Keryn returned to her chair and picked up the scroll.

Vacate? Where will we go with a tribe this size? With children and non-combatants? Where can we go QUICKLY?
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 24, 2010 10:52 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

RedWater appeared shortly afterward, more than a little rock dust covering his black fur, and a frown solidly across his muzzle. "What is it now?" he asks as he raises his goggles.

A few short moments later after reading the scroll he runs a large hand over his face, dislodging much of the rock dust covering it. "To be honest, let them have it," he says, quickly holding up a hand before the outrage he knew would come from Keryn could surface.

"We've already had many rooms cave in, and much of the structure is ready to give if these earthquakes don't stop soon," he shakes his head and peers towards Keryn. There was an obvious pain in admitting this all for him. "We've trussed things up enough for now, but it is going to take more resources than we have, and will only claim more lives if we stay here right now." He drops the letter back onto her desk and waves a hand at it. "Perhaps once they're done we can reclaim the den, complete with the reinforcement they would have to do to it to make it work."
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 25, 2010 2:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Keryn snorted. "Have you seen what goblins do to a place once they have free rein? We may not want to live here when they're done with the place." She ran bony fingers through her hair. "Well, if we can't save it ourselves, we can't. I'll send out scouts to find a new site. "

She looked down the dusty tunnel, thinking hard, "We'll give Arakhav the job of keeping the mine peons out until we've packed, they'll be terrified of him and he'll enjoy that. Put that new shaman from Thunder Bluff on the task of burying the rooms we can't take with us...Gazi's, Abindania's, Sinwolf's. You know which ones. Have him make sure the earth won't allow the peons to dig into them. I've a few favors I can call in to help get us transport. Kerrig would enjoy getting to thumb his nose at our new 'warchief' even if he wasn't an old friend."

"Once we have a place, we'll pack up the children and civilians and get out. We've helped keep this part of Ashenvale secure for years, now, they can give us that much time. Still, just in case, we'll use Arakhav and a few of the big warriors to make sure our privacy is respected."

She saluted her second-in-command and went back into the dark office, muttering to herself. Orcs. It's always something.
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