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Darne's Fish Story

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Pack Mate

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 15, 2011 10:20 pm    Post subject: Darne's Fish Story Reply with quote

"Darne has story about fish!" Darne clears his throat. "One day, fish get tired of swimming. Takes too much effort. So he decides to leave water. But fish have problem when he leaves water. Fish not have legs. Cannot walk. So fish slops around on the shore. Eventually fisherman comes by, finds fish. Fisherman think he very lucky to find fish without needing pole. So he puts fish in his bucket and heads home. But fisherman home far far away. And even though bucket only has one fish, bucket get heavy. So fisherman sets it down and takes nap next to a stream. Well, fish hears the stream, so he calls out to crayfish.

'Hey, Crayfish,' fish says. 'Remember that debt you owe me? How about you help me out and I'll call us even.'

So crayfish crawls over to bucket. 'I still think you were using weighted dice, you cheating fish, but sure. What do you need?'

Fish looks at sleeping man and say, 'I need legs. Bring me that fisherman's legs, and we'll call it even.'

So crayfish snap off fisherman's legs and tie them to fish. Fish get very excited and hops out of bucket and walks around land. Fish eventually reach fisherman house. He decide to go on in, see what fisherman has. But he have problem. Fish no has hands to open door. But lucky fish, fisherman's wife sitting outside. She chasing chicken with giant knife, trying to cut chicken head off. Fish sees this. Fish not like, so he runs over on his new legs and kicks her hard in the bottom. She fall forward, and fish get idea.

'Quick,' Fish shout to chicken. 'Before she gets up. Peck off her arms!'

Chicken gladly do this. Then fish steal fisherman wife arms and use them to go into house.

Well, fish have arms now, so he go in house. And then he look around in fright. See lots of other fish with bones cut out. Or nailed to walls. Fish get very sad and angry. So fish go back to where fisherman sleeping. He grab fisherman's stick and use it to get friends out of water. They go to fishing village and steal arms and legs for selves. Lock all the fish murderers away. Claim land for self. Human call crazy fish-men murlocs for locking away fish murderers. And murlocs still out there, taking land for new home."
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Pack Mate

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 16, 2011 9:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I was there for the telling. It's much better in person Smile If you get a chance to see Darne live, I would recommend it.

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