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Rengeneration - Abindania

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 21, 2013 1:46 pm    Post subject: Rengeneration - Abindania Reply with quote

She’s not even sure how she came about finding this little one. It was a child cub of this panda race. She had walked out of her hut one day and heard the sounds of a crying cub but not a cub. She followed her ears to where she found a small child covered in white and black fur. It was wrapped in bamboo and reed that had kept it afloat apparently. Abindania looked at the child cub and picked it up out of it’s makeshift crib. The little thing screamed even more as the troll woman gathered the blanket from the crib.

“Po ding, me litl one. Ju hav been left der alone. Ju no worry any longer. Abi be takin care o ju. I will find ju a safe place away from de horde an alliance.” She held the baby up and then cradle it to her shoulder. She gently began to rub the baby’s back with her hand. She started to hum a simple tune that her own mother had sung to her as a child. The baby was still distraught but seemed calmed under Abindania’s ministration.

“Ju must be ungry. I can mash sum frut an bamboo up fo ju.”

The baby sniffled with a quiet sob escaping it’s lips while Abindania walked back to her hut along the beach. Once there Abindania did exactly what she had said. The baby found the mash of mangos and bamboo delicious, eating up all Abi had prepared.

“Ah if Jumpfallbull culd see me now. He be impressed wid me. I miss im. I miss dem all, but it was time fo me to go. Litl one, ju like mangos? Gud, cause I tired o eatin dem meself.”

The baby cooed and reached out it’s hands to grasp one of Abi’s fingers. She lifted up the baby and rocked it in her arms once again humming the song of her past. But something wasn’t right. There was a chill in the air. Abi never felt cold unless something was wrong. Something was disturbing her wards. She safely returned the child to it’s crib on her table and went to look outside. Today was a day for new sights she thought, for just outside her hut doorway she saw a strange biped creature surrounded in a block of ice.

“Heh, dat what ju get stopid...what kinda creature ju be?”

Before she could examine the creature, two more of them jumped out to attack her. They had the head and tail of a crocolisks but the body of a humanoid. Their bodies were covered in scales. She was prepared for one but not quite ready for two.

“Ju feel de cold o night. De early mornin frost surround ju.”

As the words escaped her mouth one of the lunging lizard men turned into a solid block of ice. His body crashed down with a thud on the sand next to his frozen companion. It was the third of these creatures she was not ready for as it torn into Abi’s side. The wound was deep and painful. She screamed out as the creature’s claws pull through her side. She fell back and braced herself up with her other hand. She was trying desperately to hold in her blood from the wound she received.

“Give usss the child, Troll.”

“Ju neva gonna av dis child evil ding!” Her eyes sparkled a bright icing blue as the lizard man soon was overwhelmed by ice crawling up his form, freezing him in place.

Once she had taken care of the final spell on it. She gathered up her robe and tried to stauch her wound with it. She also took up one of her potions and drank it down. The healing magics of the potion began their work, but she knew something else was wrong. She looked down at the wound and could feel the infection burning into her skin. Those creatures must have some sort of poison laced in their claws. Her regeneration could not counter it quickly enough, but hopefully she would have enough time to get the child to safety.

Abi gathered up the child and a few more things with her and rushed out of the hut.

And now she was face to face with an adult version of the child cub she held in her arms. He was large and furry like a Tauren, but different. His colorings were like that of a panda bear. He wasn’t fat, but stout, stout was a more appropriate term for him. He had offered to take her to an island on the back of a turtle. Abindania had never heard of such a place in all her years of studying the history of Azeroth. The boatman told her that the young cub she found would only be safe on this island. She looked down at the little child cub as it slept in her arms and nodded.

“Dis be bout ju safety litl one, no mine.”

She smiled at the boatman as he offered his burly hand to her. She took it and he lifted her up into the small boat that carried her to this turtle island he spoke of. She ignored the pain at her side tried to make herself and the baby comfortable.

“If you would like I can hold the child for you? That way you may make it some food.”

Abi looked over at the Bearman and smiled.

“Ja, dat wuld be nice. I pologize, but what race re ju?”

The bearman chuckled softly as he took the child cub from her.

“I and this child you have are Pandarians. We come from an isolated island to the south. That is where we are heading, but we will be making a detour to the turtle island. There are monks there that should be able to help you.”

She grimaced and clutched her side.

“Are you okay Miss?”

“Ya, I be fin. Dank ju fo askin. Wha..What be ju name sir?”

The pandarian smiled again. His whole body seemed relaxed and exuding comfort.

“I am called Jen Hsui and what would be your name?”

“My name is Abindania, but me friends call me Abi.”

“My pleasure Abi.” He watched as she held her side tightly. “I can assist you with your wound if you like?”

She offered a weak smile. “I know it be to late fo me Jenhsuibear. Dank ju fo askin. I just need ju to care fo dis child fo me please? Dere so much to tell dis litl one an I av no mo time.”

Abi coughed into her free hand as tears began to roll down her face.

“Ju gonna care fo her, ya? Ju tell her me stories? I write them all down fo her.”

She reached into her medicine bag and pulled out a small book. She held it out for the pandarian to take. He took the book and briefly looked over it.

“I can help you..” He looked up from the book and saw that the blue skinned troll named Abindania laid limp in the boat. He offered up a small prayer to the Mistweaver and held the baby in his arms.

“I vow to you Abi, that this child will bear your name and be brought up safe from the evils that took you from us.”
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