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Pants Optional?

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 07, 2013 5:35 pm    Post subject: Pants Optional? Reply with quote

Gro (lvl 90 Orc Shaman)

"Let me tell you a shaman is like the elements sturdy like the earth, burning with passions like fire, and swift as the wind." Gro eyed the bottom of his Mug this only happened when it was empty. "So sweet thing how about you get me another drink so I can be one with the spirits of water. " Chasy was not surprised he was not able to tell it was her he had been drinking all day. " How many times do I need to drag you out of the bar before you help me. I just want you to join me in Bad Moon Rising so that we can prevent the end of the world." Gro squinted hard eventually there was only one Blood elf standing infront of him.
" Its always the end of world I thought you figured it out by now. Besides what makes you think I'm going to stop drinking and risk my life again." Chasy shook her head and took a deep breath. "Cuase I told the bartender to stop serving you and he agreed he didn't want you dancing naked again." Gro grumbled and groaned as he pulled out his flask and took a drink. "My tab baah how much could it possibly have been?" Chasy slamed the parchment on the table and walked away. Gro stood up with a grunt he knew she was serious the bill said 300 gold. He proceeded to the door and stopped and stroked his beard. He turned around and looked around the bar. "Has anyone seen my pants?"
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