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The price of power

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 21, 2013 12:27 am    Post subject: The price of power Reply with quote

As Chasy approached the Black Temple she knew this could end her demise but to survive in this new world she needed what hid inside. After a brief miss under standing the ashtongue allowed Chasy to search for Kanrethad Ebonlocke and what he was after. After entering the shrine lost souls Chasy discover Ebonlocke plan to use the hidden arcane layline to impower himself much like Illidain did before. Suddenly Chasy came under attack by the essence of Order. Chasy refusing to quite even when the creature had her near death summoned all her remaining power to strike it down.

Being wounded cuased her little trouble and the dark energys she wielded knitted her body back togather. The death of the creature released many demons seeking the energy within. Dodging what she could she left the ashtongue to clean up while she moved to the top of the tower. Finding a strange soulwell she knew it would summon Ebonlocke. Her mastery of affliction would do her no good here but she had a plan she had trained to wield a warlock powerful destruction spells.

Putting the empowered soulstone in the alter a massive demon gate appeared and Kanrethad Ebonlocke walked forth. "You seek to defeat me little warlock your power is as a fly compared to mine!" Chasy let fly her spells nothing would stop her from victory. "You still seek to defeat me I can summon demons of unimaginable power." Ebonlocke call forth from the portal a Pit Lord Commander of the Legions armys. Chasy stood defiant showing no fear of the mighty demon quickly she enslaved the demon to fight for here.

With her new demon warrior at her side she yell out "You have choosen poorly the power you wield will destroy you! But I shall show you mercy and destroy you first!". Ebonlocke enraged brought his power to bare dark magics cross the battle field hitting chasy with the curse of DOOM. He summoned more demons but chasy crushed them all. Fire and shadow flew across the battle field Neither side flinching all the while the curse of doom counted down to Chasy's demise. Ebonlocke tried every spell he could weild fire and shadow every curse he knew but nothing stopped Chasy.

Ebonlocke reached his limit he used everything he had but it wasn't enough. A final chaos bolt sealed his fate. Jubeka Shadowbreaker emerging from the shadows quickly sealed his soul. "You have done more for this world than you can know, Warlock. It is... something of a shame Kanrethad met this end. A shame, but inevitable. ". Catching her breath she enjoy her victory she reached down to check him. As she touched his body she was overwhelmed by the fel energys remaining in his body. Rising up in to the air absorbing the power she landed safely on the ground. "These power it's tainted me tainted my very essence. But i'm still in control I can use this power. They will fear me and they should."

Chasy laughed to herself no one would ever know what happened here. Her greatest victory and no one could ever know or else someone would come to try and claim the temples power again. Walking out she wondered if the tribe would still accept her after this. Guess theres only one way to find out she thought as she headed back to pandaria.
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