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Timely (Tauren Druid)

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 14, 2014 12:04 pm    Post subject: Timely (Tauren Druid) Reply with quote

Timely(Tauren Druid)

Greetings fine folks. I'm Timely, Angr's most punctual friend, and proud preacher of bravery before braggery -- also alliteration.

My story is the timeless tragic tale of the temporarily Tauren. Once I towered, tall, as only a tallow tree in the tainted-trove of Ashenvale can. My broad branches brushed the blue, bevy of stars that were my birthright. But it seems fallow fortune foils the formidable, and my far-ranging, wrinkled roots were ripped by the rampaging rogue Maltikah. 'Twas she who twisted my tasteful tree form into this tacky Tauren. This cow, who once held the heavens, now, with horrid hooves, holds only a holy vow of vicious vengeance.

But save your soppy, sorrow for another soul — this tainted transformation tells not the termination of my tale. After careful consideration and rigorous research, I have discovered that Druidatic dreams do partially diminish this deliberate damnation. Tis true that my healing form is but a shallow shade of my surest self, but brave belief bespeaks of brave beginnings, and trials won't tame this Timely tree.



I'm a game programmer and wannabe writer living in Seattle. I'm pretty chill, though I like a good challenge. I hope to participate in raiding and pvp!

Age: 33

How they found us:

Angr is one of my oldest real life friends.
Home Server: Thorium Brotherhood

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