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The words from Turm

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 10, 2006 11:31 am    Post subject: The words from Turm Reply with quote

The large Tauren moved atop the hill overlooking orgrimmar. The serious look on his maul, well what can be seen. A long moment he stood there, his ears perked to the skys as he seemed to be listening to something. A slow burst of wind before he glances at the ground and nods. Taking that form of the massive ghost wolf he lets out a howl.

"Brothers and sister of the Bad Moon...I have some news to be telling you. So listen closely and listen good."

A long pause as he rares back and bellows out once more.

"The spirits have come to me...Beckoning..."

The wolf seems to twitch slightly as he stands there atop the hill. And his howls continue....

"They call me to thier aide....Would you not take this task? They beckon me to take thier hand, and lead them to thier place..."

The wolfs howls stop and the grunts and growls and yips start as he stands at the entrence of that cave.

"The tribe is my home, my brethren. But the spirits guide me. They lead my path everyday. Without the power of the spirits I am little but another walking the dusty trail. The spirits of the water call me to come and aide them. They are under siege...Go as a pack you say...That I cant do. Sometimes the things we must do...We must do alone."

He gives a quick glance at Trannok and then turns halfly back toward the Horizon.

"You are my friends, my family...My commrades...I will be back, but when I cant say. The elders of the Bluff have sent another to take my place. But neither of them know what they had done. A young warrior they sent to give of his strength and heart. To learn of the laws he lives by...And to see the minor flaws within them...Help him with his learning. The wolf grows within him. Teach him to harness this ability and power. And when time for me to return I will be here to aide you in the time of need. Be well my Brethren!"

As the wolf starts to move away...
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