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Akinos, The Laughing Sage

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 14, 2014 1:00 pm    Post subject: Akinos, The Laughing Sage Reply with quote

The sounds of mad laughter and the first cries of life broke the silence of the night as the light of the moons shone down in full force and the world around them shattered. This was the night of Akinos the Laughing Sage’s birth; this was the night that Draenor died…


The lash fell heavy and cut deep into Akinos flesh once again and again he scoffed at his self-proclaimed “master.” The ogre overseer raged at the defiance of Akinos.
“I will break you, little orc, or you will die on this post and left to be eaten by the creatures of the wild!” the ogre bellowed.
Akinos responded only with a half-mad cackle. Akinos thought to himself that this would be the end of his days: tied to a post being lashed by this fat ogre. At least he would get to enrage the ogre for a few more days before his life gave out.

Suddenly, a massive arc of lightning impacted the ogre square in the chest. Akinos coughed out a harsh laugh as the old orc walked out of the wilds, the power of the elements still coursing around his hands. The old orc shook his head and grumbled to himself as he cut Akinos’s bonds.

He fell hard to the ground, then picked himself up looking towards the orc. As he rose, he grinned through the blood in his teeth. “Took you long enough, father.”
The older orc glared at Akinos.
“You need to learn restraint, boy, or you going to get yourself killed. I am surprised you survived this long. But that does not matter. An order has come down. We are needed on the other side of the portal. Now that Illidan is dead our work in Outlands is done.”

Akinos had never been through the this “portal.” His mother had told him stories of what Outlands had been like before the its opening, had told him about his father Corrgosh the hunter and how he like so many others had left to conquer the world that lay beyond the dark portal.
Akinos took a sharp breath. “Why not?” he said.
Corrgosh sighed. “Follow me.”


The air was cold and the wind bit at Akinos bare chest. His massive polearm rested cross his shoulders as he stared out across the frozen plains of Icecrown. He thought to himself that his life had been rather odd since coming to this new world. The whole world was under threat from this Lich King the whole time Akinos had been traveling across this frozen land. He had seen the “Lich King” from time to time he would go on and on about how he was going to kill everyone and turn the whole world into undead. Akinos never really had much time for his speeches, but the time had come; his allies all seemed very tense about the coming battle. Akinos didn’t understand why. He was pretty sure that after they got to the top of this tower the “Lich King” was just going to go on and on about his master plan and Akinos had already decided than as soon as he started talking he was going to drive his polearm though his head and that would be the end of that. Akinos chuckled to himself as the last strike of the battering ram burst open the gates.


The world shook and shifted and something deep inside remembered this feeling, for it was not the first time in Akinos life that he had felt a world on the brink of death. Akinos stood up and walked to the flap of his tent and peered out into the land known as Thousand Needles. As a massive wall of water raced inland, he belted out with laughter, reached down and picked up a cooked buzzard wing from the night before. He tore off a piece with his teeth and spoke with his mouth full.
“Glad I decided to get a room with a view.”
The water crashed into the massive stone pillar that Akinos was camping on. It shook and rocked with the impact, but it held against the onslaught. A least today was going to be interesting.


The call came out that the warriors of the Horde were once again needed, for a new land had been found and should be claimed for the Horde. Akinos had never liked Garrosh. He was way too into himself and worse, had little sense of humor, but Akinos thought to himself that it would be funny if nothing else to watch Garrosh get all worked up over trying to fight the Alliance again.
When Akinos arrived in this new land, he did not expect to like the fluffy bear people. Much to his surprise they were of good spirits and had very fine food. Most of all, their fighting styles where very interesting, and Akinos wondered if he could blend them with his training.
It took some time, but Akinos was able to earn a place at one of the monasteries in the Jade Forest and for the first time in his life his mind was still. By Laughing Skull standards, anyway. Akinos took to the training of the monks quickly and found himself enthralled by the histories and tales gathered by the fluffy bear people, and it wasn’t long before Akinos earned the name “Laughing Sage.” Akinos thought it was a fitting name, and he took it happily.
But his peaceful time in the mountains with the monks was destined to end: due to the pride of Garrosh, once again Akinos picked up his massive polearm and walked off into battle with a grin.


As the dark portal opened anew, Akinos rushed up the stairs carving a bloody and graceful path through the Iron Horde pouring out of the portal. Akinos was flush with emotions. He would finally get to see the land of his mother and father as it had been before his birth. As they broke the plane of the portal and appeared and Akinos took his first steps on his unbroken homeland’s soil, he gazed out at the full might of the Iron Horde before him. He glanced at those with him and saw their faces full of fear, shock, and resolve. Akinos couldn’t help but laugh.
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