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New Ways Of Green Tooth!

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2006 10:30 pm    Post subject: New Ways Of Green Tooth! Reply with quote

~*~ The blue skinned troll known as Green Tooth, Kneels in front of The Alpha Trannok and Den Mother Algora, with the Tribe Council behind them, Green Tooth raises his weary eyes for a second to look at them all... Turm to Krujuk to Redwater to Akaya to Brecken, giving each a nod of respect.... Then Green Tooth’s attention turn’s back to the Alpha! As Trannok’s deep voice is heard, threw the pointy ears of Green Tooth .... you can look to his sad expressions upon his long face, to realize the tribe is disappointed in him. The talk is finish, Green Tooth stands to attention, and then bows his long skinny frame to the Alpha and Den mother and then to the Council... being silent, Green Tooth, turns away from them and walks out to his own...... As the hard rock, press’ up against his feet, Green Tooth feels no pain... well no pain grater then knowing he has let his family down... the ones who took him in, when know one else wanted him. He was grateful, that the Tribe, decided to keep him! However deep in his heart he knew, he had a lot of mending to do. The gently evening breeze, picks up a little and dances into the face of Green Tooth, and tickles his nose a little.... A slight grin, forms upon his lips, as he smells a familiar sent.......~*~

Green Tooth: Ahhh, iz that bez, Ale, me bez smellinz?

~*~ Ahhhh yes, the sweet smell of Ale... one of his weakness. What better way, to warm him up then a big barrel of ale! Green Tooth, makes his way down the long and narrow path towards the inn... while on his way, his eyes lay upon... a old Troll Priest, setting on a rock... looking to be resting ~*~

Green Tooth: ~*~ Stops and looks to the priest ~*~ : Iz everything bez okz?

~*~ The old Troll looks up to Green Tooth and smiles ~*~

Troll Priest: Ahhh, yes... Green Tooth! Me ben awaitin ya!

~*~ Shock that the priest knew his name, Green Tooth tilts his head in confusion ~*~

Green Tooth: How you bez, knownz, me namez? Dis some badz VooDooz?

~*~ The priest starts to laugh, out loud, as he stands up and dust him self off ~*~

Troll Priest: Naaa, Hunta! Dare be no bad Voodoo here! You sees, me be a priest! It’s me job to know where the troubled souls be!

~*~ Green Tooth, shakes his head a little and the looks a round, as to see if anyone is putting this old Troll up to a prank of some kind ~*~

Green Tooth: Troublez hmm? Youz can seez, dis on mez? Isz it dat badz?

~*~ The Priest rest his hand upon the shoulder of Green Tooth. The Priest then get closer to his ear, as if he is going to tell him a secret ~*~

Troll Priest: Its as if, you be made of crystal!.... that and I over heard, the talking too you received from the Alpha Thrinax!

~*~ Both Trolls walk into the Inn, and take a seat at a corner table... Green Tooth cups both of his hands together and places them onto the table, and leans towards the Priest ~*~

Green Tooth: Ayez... Iz, be dezervin dat! I letz me tribez down...... Me lucky da keepz mez! Iz wont, bez letting dem down dis timez!

~*~ The Priest smiles and lets out a small laugh ~*~

Troll Priest: And me sure you wont be doin dat! Let me ask you sometin ..... when you say, not to be lettin them down, what do you be meanin?

~*~ Green Tooth , looks away from the priest as if to be in thought and the quickly glares at the old Troll ~*~

Green Tooth: Idz, give mez Ownz, Lifez for dem! Ya knowz? Da be takinz me in, when no onez else wouldz! Iz put therz happinez, in frontz of minz own!

~*~ The priest, smiles widley and shakes his head in a agreement ~*~

Troll Priest: Ah, yes, me can feel dat from ya spirt! But you would want to do more yes? I can tell in your talk... you wants to heal them when da be in pain... or even raise dem, when they be close to death?

Green Tooth: Yez!!!!! Onlyz, if me be having dat much powerz!

~*~ The Priest, grins and claps his hands together ~*~

Troll Priest: But you can be havin dat!

~*~ Green Tooth, looks to him in a intrested way ~*~

Green Tooth: And howz, can diz be donez?

~*~ The old Troll points to himself ~*~

Troll Priest: Become a me, become a priest! You be havin the ways in your heart, me can feel dat!

~*~ Green Tooth, scratches his long pointy chin and grins ~*~

Green Tooth: A priest eh? Hm, mez be likingz da doundz of datz! And, youz can be teachinz me diz!

~*~ Troll priest, stands up from the table and lays a hand upon Green Tooth ~*~

Troll Priest: Na me brotha, me not be teaching ya, but me can guide you to where you be needin to start..... and you will be teachin your delf, threw trials and quest!
~*~ Green Tooth, smiles and stands quickly to hug the old Troll ~*~

Green Tooth: Danks youz for showing mez, the wayz to diz..... I wish much to followz dis path! Showz me the wayz to startz!

~*~ Both Greent Tooth and the Old Troll walk out of the Inn and down a path, a path to the new start of Green Tooth!~*~

OOC: Sorry if I posted in the wrong place, it would not let me post anywhere else.
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 03, 2006 10:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

ooc: Moved to appropriate forum. And btw...... THAAANK YOUUUU for creating a priest. *hugs bunches*
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 03, 2006 11:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Krujuk squints into the searing heat of the barrens. Through the blur of the twisting light, he watches the two intract, the old priest and the hunter. It surprised him that Greentooth could see the ancient spirit as well, but he knew what it ment. Krujuk's lips curled up into a half noticable smile.

"Ah, my ol friend, joo return to take anudda into da fold." he whispered as he watched the two turn and walk down the road," Protect em, and teach em well."

((OOC: Welcome to priesthood Greentooth. Tis a long and difficult journey, serving others, but a noble one. If I can help you with it, let me know))
Beware of da VOODOO!
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