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The Vision that started it all

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 04, 2006 10:49 pm    Post subject: The Vision that started it all Reply with quote

Blackness... I see nothing, yet I am unafraid. I am the one attempting to entomb myself within my mind. I am meditating, hoping to contact the ancestors for further insight. I.. I have been recieving these dreams that have been troubling...

I am Trannok, son of Thul, young Shaman of the free orc Frostwolf Clan. My mentor suggested I try this ritual. Perhaps alone, I will find answers. I sit high on top of the ridge of mountains that ouline the frozen valley my clan has called home for sometime now. My eyes are closed. In my lap sits a small drum that I strike at with a constant rythym. Thump, thump, thump... my breathing begins to slow... Thump, Thump, Thump... slowly my mind begins to focus. The sounds of the small crackling fire near me; the hot scent of its' ash and rising smoke all begin to fade to the constant thump, thump, thump. The thumping of the drum becomes my heartbeat, or perhaps it is my heart that I hear... I can no longer tell. I am focused on the now and nothing... SUDDENLY, piercing through my nothing is the howl of a wolf... I shudder from the sudden burst of sensory overload, and then I truly know nothing....

I become aware once more, I reach out to push myself up and feel nothing... My eyes open, my heartbeat still loud in my ears. My mind, my spirit cries out to the nothing, "Great Ancestors, and my spirit guide the wolf. LEAD ME! SHOW ME YOUR BIDDING!"

Slowly I begin to comprehend... I am floating in a endless blackness, pin points of light surround me. A great ball of fire and ice hurtles past me, bit of it falling off into a fiery tail behind it... my mind slowly begins to comprehend moons and worlds. And finally I notice a great glowing orb that appears in the nothing.. It looks as if it was something set aflame. Is it a planet?... no! there are two. Great Ancestors.. they are eyes. Horrible, malecious, all knowing eyes.. burning into my being with their intense gaze.. but no... it's not me they are looking at. They look through me.. behind me?? Somehow, my view begins to turn, until I see what they must see. I see a world. This being is focused upon this world, but for what reason? THUMP.. my heart pounds... or is it a drum? I blink...

My eyes open to reveal a new place. A new time? I see blue skies, and the fluffy white clouds that make me think of the bluffs of mulgore. I am laying on soft earth...and I can not move. I try to sit up, but I am unable... I hear a lone wolf howling in the distance, and above me the clouds begin to march across the sky. March...they move faster, as if pushed by some great wind... faster then move yet. Faster then any wolf rider, faster then the winged snakes.. still faster they move... Day turns to dusk turns to darkest night turns to dawn turns to day... over and over endlessly, I feel the warmth of days of sun and soft breezes; I feel pelting rain and freezing snows. I am unable to blink, to even turn my eyes away from this... still moving.. the world, the skies, the clouds will NOT STOP!!! What madness is this!!! Then I hear the mournful howling of several wolves. A true pack, strong in their unity howling as one, but I can sense a sadness to their howl... the skies stop their frenetic movements, and a full moon rises...

The moon is pale and bright even against the blue sky of day, but slowly it changes. Bits of the moon seem to fall off of it, plummeting out of their correct place in the sky where they hit the horizon bursts of color flash out assaulting my eyes. Finally the moon stops it's change, and it's face is now that of a hollow skull. The image seems to laugh at me in arrogance, and starting from around the moon's now skeletal mouth, the skies begin to turn red, as if blood dripping from its' maw was staining the heavens. When the skies were corrupted to a sickly dark red, the moon seemed to burst into flames and I blink

My eyes open once more, and I see the raised earth of an insect mound. All over the mound it seems as if insects of many sizes and strange shapes swarm. I notice that they seem to be tearing down the mound, maybe it was one colony attacking another, I had once hea...rd...NO!.. My mind paused in mid thought shocked into static by sudden perfect clarity. It wasn't an insect mound, it was Ogrimmar. I was floating in the clouds.. my mind started to notice the details of the battle. I hear laughing from the bad moon still hanging in the sky. Its' face laughing at me.. next thing I knew, I was hurtling toward the ground. Apparently whatever magic that held me in place was spent. Falling, faster and faster, the ground is coming closer I am about to hit, and I blink.

My eyes open once more, and I hear the wooshing of a blade, along with the crackle of fire and I can feel warmth, almost too hot coming from my left. I leap to my right, dodging just in time the fatal decent of a burning sword. Rolling and standing, I now see the blade is held by some monsterous demon from my nightmares. By the ancestors... I see hundreds of them swaming in... I can't see where they are coming from, but over his (it's?) shoulder. I see my nemesis... the bad moon hangs high in the blood red sky, and it laughs once more as if calling forth these fell creatures. I pull forth my shield and mace, just in time to block another thunderous blow. The power of the blow drives me up into the air. I land uncerimoniously several orc lengths back, the impact with the ground causing me to blink...

I flash in and out of several more prohesies of the end. In each the bad moon taunting me.

Finally, My eyes open once more, and the skies are their normal blue once more. I feel the wind, it is not the warm and searing blast I felt countless times in countless ends. No, this wind was gentle and comforting. In the distance I hear wolves howling. It was only then that I noticed before me is a single great white wolf. It stops it's howling for a moment turning it's head to look at me. It begins to walk away slowly. My mind reeling from everything, I notice it stop and look back at me once more. I swear I saw a nod before the great wolf began to walk once more.

I stand and follow the white wolf. Ahead, I see the tents of a small wandering tribe. The banners they fly are of the Horde, and another bearing the head of the wolf. Curious, I continue to follow the wolf past many empty tents until finally we reach a small raised mound. There is only myself and the wolf. He raises his muzzle to the sky and let's loose this great howl. Soon, I hear other wolves answering. Other wolves begin to arrive. They nod their head to the wolf next to me. As they gather I notice them play like any normal wolf pack. As even more wolves arrive, I notice them gather into packs of their own. With a yip they leave as they form these groups. Some how I know where they go... Some seek battle, some seek the ruins of legend, and some run to seek even more. Even as the packs leave, more arrive.. all answering the call of the great white wolf. I notice the bad moon on the horizon. But even as it starts to rise, another pack leaves. With each pack leaving the ascent of the moon slows it's pace. Perhaps with enough it may never reach it's zenith..

The great wolf stops his howling, and looks at me. With a nod of his head, the other gathered wolves nod to me as well. Smoke begins to rise from the ground of each wolf... slowly before my eyes they change shape. These wolves changed into the familiar shapes of trolls, orc and tauren.. even a few of the undead. My eyes open in wide surprise, I notice cloth robes and warrior plate. I see totems of the elements, and to my surprise even a few imps and other demons of the warlock stoll by seeking their masters among the wolves.. or once wolves changed. I turn to look at the great white wolf, witha snarl it leaps at me and I blink.

My eyes open, the fire I had built was still burning. But tending the flames was the familar shape of my mentor in the shamanistic ways. I had been missing for a week, and then lost in the ancestor's dream for another week after he found me. We discuss my vision.. the bad moon is rising on the horizon. I know this means any one of the end days is trying to break through from dream to reality. The tribe of the wolf must be gathered to fight.

I am Trannok of the Tribe of the Bad Moon Rising. And we will protect our own from any horrific future.
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