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What's a druid? (and how do they heal?)

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 24, 2006 11:36 am    Post subject: What's a druid? (and how do they heal?) Reply with quote

Zomg, we have druids? Where? Very Happy Oh, you mean Carthis...

Heh, actually, I have a druid too, but I'm rather new to healing with him. All the same, since we've discussed priest and shammie healing, I'd like to open up the floor to discussing druid healing as well, since I'm sure there are some former druids around.

Druids sport 4 major healing abilities. Here are their max ranks stats:

Healing Touch XI - 3.5s cast, 800 mana, heal @ 2267-2677
Rejuvenation X - Instant, 335 mana, heal over time @ 756 over 12s (4 3-second ticks)
Regrowth IX - 2s cast, 880 mana, heal @ 1003-1119 + heal over time @ 1064 over 21s (7 3-second ticks)
Swiftmend - Instant, 20% of base mana, Consumes a Rejuvenation or Regrowth effect on a friendly target to instantly heal them an amount equal to 12 sec. of Rejuvenation or 18 sec. of Regrowth, 15s cooldown.


These are my personal numbers with Qualetaqa:

Healing Touch X: 3s, 648 mana, 2217-2592 heal, 7.2% crit.
Healing Touch IV: 2.5s, 166 mana, 507-598 heal, 7.2% crit.
Rejuv X: Instant, 335 mana, 1031-1035 HoT (258/tick)
Regrow IX: 2s, 880 mana, 1138-1266 heal + 1224-1231 HoT (175/tick), 57.1% crit.
Swiftmend: Instant, 248 mana, 1033 (Rejuv) or 1052 (Regrow) heal.

My personal style is apply Rejuv liberally, so that I can Swiftmend it if ever a surprise crit happens. Generally, I find that very little healing is wasted even if the tank has Rejuv on them about half of the time (stuns and other tactical damage mitigators usually mean that it doesn't need to be up 100% of the time in 5-man). I've taken to using Rejuv as a spot-healing tool when I am pressed for time (for example, when everyone is taking damage), and using HT4 when I'm not. It is by far my "weapon of choice."

Healing Touch, especially max-ranked, is something I don't use much, unfortunately. It has great mana efficiency (4-to-1, as opposed to Rejuv's 3-to-1) but the 3s cast leaves a lot of room for fluke. I can, however, understand if a druid were to use HT10 as their main weapon, healing in the same style as a priest with Greater Heal. I'm just too nervous to do so. Smile

Regrowth is a bit of an odder animal. At 2-seconds, I like it better as a "big heal" than Healing Touch, but it has a slightly worse mana efficiency than Rejuv... unless it crits. At a 57% chance to crit, it can heal almost 2k frontloaded and another 1200 over time. Currently, I'm using it mostly in panicky moments and when I want to stack Regrowth+Rejuv and sit on my butt for a while. At 400/tick total, it usually means I can take a little time to regen mana.

Swiftmend is, of course, the secret weapon of resto druids. Its mana efficiency is monstrous (over 4-to-1) and it's instant. I don't use it enough. Razz I'm hoping someday to get an add-on that will help me monitor my HoTs so that I can make better use of it.

So basically, I have a heavy HoT strategy, trying to hedge against crits using Swiftmend and Nature's Swiftness. I'd love to hear what other druids are doing out there, though!

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 24, 2006 11:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Oi! I play a resto druid as well (Muur, level 53), but I had no idea mana efficiency for a druid could go as high as 4-1. For a Shammy the range for heals is 2/3-1.

My personal style for instances was to use Regrowth and Rejuv, then use a downranked heal that went for 500-1000 or so to keep the tank topped up. I've not yet experimented at great length with Swiftmend.

I like the idea of liberally applying Rejuv. for swiftmend. That would really help with those "OH CRAP!" moments.

I do notice that with all of the +healing gear I have on Muur (I think I have over 200 at this point) I run out of mana -quickly- when things get hairy. Granted, I think that may be the Regrowth.

Oh, I also like the color coordination you used with your spells. Mind if I use that on the shaman post?
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 24, 2006 1:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

/cast rejuvenation
/call Preist

Heh, that's pretty much my raid set-up, I use normal heals as well, of course, but preists are so much more effecient when it comes to instant heals, I let them deal with most of it, and use Rejuvenation to slow down the HP decrease.

In 5 mans, I usually stick to a Healing Touch that heals 500-1000 points, and try to just use that to save mana.

My favorite spell would be Regrowth, combined with Rejuvenation. Those two spells together heal for about 500 points every 3 seconds. Unfortuantly, Regrowth takes up alot of mana. Whcih is why I have 5/5 Improved Regrowth, increasing it's crit chance by 50%. Basically, half of my Regrowth spells heal the same as Healing Touch, and have an HoT tacked on.

Just as a side note, I honestly think Druids are meant to stick mostly to HoTs. My proof? Tree form. In the next patch, the new talents will be released, including Tree Form for Druids, which increases the power of my HoTs by quite a bit, and increases the healing done by others in my party by (I think) 10% of my Spirit.
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 24, 2006 2:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I hope you guys don't mind me posting here, but as a druid, I thought I could give you some ideas as well.

Rejuvenation - use it all the time. Wonderful spell and with +healing gear can become very powerful.

Regrowth - this is what I use for my "big" heal. It's not horribly efficient for just standard healing, at least not for me.

Healing Touch - I use rank 4 alot. With +healing gear (currently - not so much in the patch), it can almost act as a druids version of a" flash heal". With talent adjustment, I believe this one has a cast time of 2.5 seconds. It doesn't take a lot of mana, and depending on +healing gives you an option for doing around 1k healing each cast.

Swiftmend - A really nice ability. Very good for 'oops' situations. I also like the fact that it can be used on ANY rejuvenation or regrowth. Not just the one that you cast.

I am looking forward to seeing the HoT's stacking. I think it could be quite fun to watch about 3-4 rejuvenations stacked on somebody. Just seems quite powerful.
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