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The Story of Ravena - Supplement to Gortan's Story

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 14, 2006 5:15 pm    Post subject: The Story of Ravena - Supplement to Gortan's Story Reply with quote

Hi all, I just thought I'd post this little bio of Ravena to supplement Gortan's story. Hopefully it'll provide a better understanding of the stories I'll be posting in the future. FYI Ravena was an old character of mine, in case you didn't know that Wink

Name: Ravena Forestsong
Nickname(s): Missy (Only Ravena’s mentor calls her this, as she is like a daughter to him)
Race: Orc
Gender: Female
Occupation/Profession: Shaman, Gatherer (Mining and Skinning)
Age: 16 Human years
Place of Birth: Old Azeroth
Primary Disposition: Cheerful and amiable nature
Likes: Human Culture, learning, traveling
Dislikes: Undead creatures, arcane magic, bad Orcish speech and handwriting
Alignment/Religion: One of the… good guys, I suppose? Shamanistic
Philosophy: Still learning…
Strengths: Eagerness to learn, quick to pick up on new things, high intelligence
Weaknesses/Character Flaws: Fragile (but not like human women, HA!), quick to empathize with humans
Appearance: Light green skin with jet black hair tied back in two pony-tails. Youthful and energetic.

Short Bio:
Ravena is the last remaining member of the Forestsong clan, a once proud Orcish clan of Shamans devoted to the balance of nature and restoring the land. Tragic events resulted in the extermination of her entire family and clan; whether it was fate or luck that kept Ravena alive is uncertain, but for a mere infant to survive the massacre that occurred is a miracle indeed. Gortan Greymantle, a wise and old Orc Shaman, took Ravena in and began raising her. Well-versed in the Human ways, Gortan raised Ravena to embrace and understand human culture in hopes of bridging the gap between the races someday. Gortan’s vision was to spread his philosophy through the lands, praying that it will usher in a new era of peace. Thus, Ravena grew up reading human literature, hearing about human stories and legends, and developed a passion for the human culture. However, before Gortan had a chance to bestow his mission to Ravena, chaos gripped the land and the Burning Legion invaded. Before the invasion, however, their Warchief Thrall rallied their people and crossed the Great Sea to a new world. Gortan and Ravena left their old home to start a new life in the new world. In Durotar, Gortan and Ravena settled down in one of the new settlements as Ravena took up a job as a gatherer to aid the development of the new communities. Gortan kept watch over Ravena with care, waiting for that right moment to assign his mission to Ravena. Years pass, and Ravena still has yet to realize her destiny. She has become so accustomed to the life on Durotar that she is perfectly content with just staying there, but all that is about to change…
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