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What I know about Paladin Healing

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 06, 2007 5:50 pm    Post subject: What I know about Paladin Healing Reply with quote

I am not a comprehensive expert on Paladin healing. I had a Holy paladin Ally-side to the mid-30s and mainhealed a bit, and I understand some of the other higher end principles, but do not take this as an end-all-be-all of Paladin healing. Very Happy

Paladins have 2 primary Heals: Holy Light (HL) and Flash of Light (FoL). Holy Light is similar in power and speed to a Shaman's Healing Wave . . . most ranks are 2.5 seconds to cast and heal more than a Priest's Flash Heal but less than Greater Heal or Healing Touch. Flash of Light is somewhat odd. It is a 1.5 second cast, like Flash Heal, but heals much less. However, it is INSANELY mana-efficent, especially when backed by Blessing of Light (a buff put on the healee that increases paladin healing done on them dramatically).

Holy Paladins also have some other tools and tricks for healing. Primarily, the Talent Illumination restores 100 percent of the mana cost of FoL, HL, or Holy Shock (HS) that crits. Also in the Holy tree is a +5 percent spell critical for all Holy spells and a +6 percent spell critical for Holy Light. ALSO there is a spell called Divine Favor in the tree that causes the next HL, FoL, or HS cast to automatically crit. All these factors cause Holy Paladins to have incredible mana efficency and endurance healing powers.

Holy Shock, the 31 pt Holy talent, is an instant blast of Holy damage . . . however, it can also be used to heal a friendly target instantly. Though much less mana-efficent than the paladin's other heals, it *is* an Instant heal and can save lives. Also, Holy paladins can spec for a talent that causes Holy Light to proc a self-buff reducing the casting time of the next HL cast within 20 seconds, and the 41 point talent is a short-duration self-buff that halves all mana costs (even more endurance).

Overall, this makes Paladins very efficent single-target healers. General tactics are (at max spec), to start healing with a mid-range Holy Light to have the casting reduction buff already up, then use a spam of FoL's . . .effectively a powerful form of a 'Heal over Time'. If there are no bad spikes, it's a good idea to recast that low level HL every 20 seconds, just to have that buff up for a response to a spike. If there is a sudden damage spike, either a sped-up HL or a HS can help recoup losses.

A major weakness of Paladins is a total lack of any group healing, the only healing class to have this disadvantage. Also, they lack any form of HoT . . . Shamans share this, but Earth Shield can be considered a form of that on one target.

Paladins in general, but healers especially, share an affinity with Shadow Priests. All Paladins have a passive ability that restores 8-10 percent of all healing done to them by others as mana. This *includes* overheals. With a Shadow Priest DPSing with Vampric Embrace up, this makes for a constant stream of mana, which compliments the small but constant outgo of mana from Flash of Light.

Another interesting trick is that Illumination always restores the full mana cost of a critical heal, even if the paladin is using their 41 point talent to halve mana costs. This can lead to a tactic of using the 41 point talent, then Divine Favor to guarentee at least one crit. Some paladins with high crit rates have reported coming out of this cycle with more mana than at the start and having thrown 3-4 full rank Holy Lights.

I think this is all accurate . . . if anyone with more experience wishes to add to this or correct anything, feel free. Very Happy
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 15, 2007 12:45 pm    Post subject: What I'm learning about Paladin healing... Reply with quote

Naturally, I agree with most of what Valarise has posted here.

Illumination feels like the big key that holds paladin healing together, since it gives them monstrous endurance and the liberty to spam healing in times of trouble. I'm sitting at 24% crit on my heals (30% for HL) without *too* much difficulty, but I have the feeling I'll have to change my game plan if the nerf to Illumination goes through. Currently on the PTR, it returns only 50% of the mana spent on crits, rather than 100%.

I haven't tried the low-rank HL to keep Light's Grace (the faster HL talent) up. I'll have to try that on my next run.

As far as "group healing" goes, there often isn't much to do except FoL every member of the party individually and in turn. It's frustrating, especially for bosses that have those 45-yard, don't-need-LoS AoEs, but manageable in a pinch; FoL each party member in turn, HL'ing the tank as their "turn."

I'm finding one of the nicest things about main healing is the durability. With Concentration Aura up, it means that not only am I sitting at about 10k armor, but there's no delays from hits on my spellcasting (barring actual interruptions like Kick/Shield Bash/Pummel/Counterspell). I have accidentally taunted mobs off of other party members, only to heal myself and the MT through short stretches and it's a tactic I might use a little more often once I get the hang of things. I've found I can almost ignore some mobs, particularly casters, in situations like these.

Finally, the judicious use of the pile of instants we have at our disposal is one of the nicest tactics we have. Cleanse and Blessing of Freedom to remove things like Frost Nova and slowing effects can be key, especially to classes like hunters who value positioning. More and more now, I'll use Divine Shield when I'm almost dead and being pummeled to death; after a heal or two on myself, I can get back to business and the 12 seconds of grace are sometimes all that's needed to recover from a bad situation. Likewise, Blessing of Protection can be very, very useful, first and foremost on casters but on just about everyone, since it can guarantee you the time you need to heal them and shed aggro. Finally, there's Lay on Hands - a full bar of healing at the cost of the rest of your mana. As an added bonus, your target will also receive ~900 mana. I have used this before, particularly on the MT, then cursed myself for not having a mana pot handy, but when you're out of mana, it's certainly better than nothing. Better, though, I find is when you blow the last of your mana healing the MT (or other key characters) then LoH'ing yourself for the extra little bit of juice.

I'll post more as I learn more. Smile

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 16, 2007 1:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

*nod* I agree that clever use of the instants can make or break a fight. Lay on Hands, especially, in big honking boss fights.

Illumination is getting the nerf, but should still be quite powerful.

The Shadow Priest + Healadin synergy is also getting a nerf. Paladins will only get mana back for damage that they ACTUALLY heal, as opposed to healing done to them while they're at full health.

Still should be very efficient, still should be trickier for them to heal groups when AoE is a problem since they don't have instant HoT that they can slap on people.
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