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Nutak's tale

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 12, 2008 12:53 am    Post subject: Nutak's tale Reply with quote

I remember the days I laid listless in one of the camps surrounding Durnhold. I remember the battle that took Doomhammer from us, just as we only begun to care once again. despair like a black void had settled over the people. Our eyes dull like rust on a blade. I remember Thrall taking the armor, talking of peace should it be possible and war if it were not. I felt the elation, the Sprit's responded to him! They were alive once more through us, and with that hope we too felt alive for the first time in years. I remember the battle after, how hard I tried to keep control of the darkness inside. Where my soul was traded to the dark art years before. I remember discovering in that time the New Horde was born that though my soul may be gone in service to my people, my conscious, my WILL is not gone. I will not give into the power, to bath in it's sweet caress is the most forbidden fruit.

I am Nutak, an Orc Warlock in the new age of the Horde where Shamanism has felt the stirrings of it's strength once more among our people. I am a warlock in an age where those stronger than I betrayed our people to fuel their own power. I am barely tolerated, which is just for I know more than any other that the hunger burns in me still.

I meet with the shamans now for exercising my will, my control, my morality. That which is honorable might still spring from my dark bargain. Some service may yet be gifted to my people. Sometimes, in the heat of the battle, when foes are thick I open my tusked mouth wide and cry out a battle scream my eyes flaring red. Then I know the hunger is upon me. I can each day make the decision to stop, not just when it is convenient, or my superiors are watching. Every day I wake and vow that I will be an honorable orc.

I make my way through Hillsbrad now. A journey to see where I was given another chance to live by Thrall. I have seen the remaining small human outposts. I have gone to rescue those who have found themselves careless and fallen into their manacled grasp.

So it is, day in an day out. New tasks for my people, new band of honorable ones who teach me a better way to live so that I may fight well.

~Nutak daughter of the Horde
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