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PostPosted: Thu Jul 24, 2008 12:43 am    Post subject: Ward Reply with quote

Light stretched thin like mist as time moved forwards, and backwards all at once. Strung along in this place was a soul, blessed with the knowledge. The Knowing. Time found her and bound her away before she could complete her task, there was something important, something she must tell someone, and in the light the shadows grew till darkness like seeping oil covered the worlds.

The images flitted through Merell's mind with no grounding purpose as the Wolf stood before her. Memory has returned Merell, you must give it a Voice his thoughts caressed her before leaving her once more.

Merell shook her massive head once more at the ways of the Spirits and tried to go back to sleep, she was warm by the fire. Dakana and Yig were close by, their home in Nagrand made a home by hearth, stories and cooking.

As her eyes drifted back closed it seemed the very earth produced rocks and pebbles to make her old joints hurt and uncomfortable to lay upon. Barring her teeth she snapped irritably then moved to a pile of grasses. Here the wild seemed to be intent on her lack of sleep as bugs found their way past her guard hairs and into her coat.

Shifting from cat to Tauren for fingers and thumbs she gave up and began to cook, steaks and coffee. Dakana could always use some coffee, along with her other weakness ice cream... I am glad I started hiding some for Yig and I she chuckled to herself.

"Return a voice to a memory?" she asked aloud. What on earth was He talking about. Had it even been Him - or just a vision from bad fish?! Merell sighed and rolled her shoulders as she picked up a cast iron pot and took it outside the rounded structure to the stream by her home.

She begun to rent the place in trade for game she hunted and returned to the veterans, the children and the elderly of this place. Nagrand was so much like the rolling planes of home on Azaroth it was hard not to be content here. She hunted the great slender horned ones, the large shaggy creatures that lumbered slowly across the land. It was such a simple task and one she would have done gladly regardless of a little space to call her own.

Thinking of Azaroth she decided she must return to Thunderbluff after eating and seek a vision. Perhaps then she would know what the old Wolf meant, or if there was nothing there but clouded eyes brought on by exhaustion.
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