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PostPosted: Tue Dec 02, 2008 10:55 am    Post subject: Ashes Reply with quote

I should know better than to go to sleep. I come back to myself in varied degrees of sanity leading me further down the path of madness.

The Lich King bid me to rise, and once more I rise to his command. I awoke in cold stone.. again. I remember dimly stone warmed by fire and sun. So long, I must not remember that, it is better this way. Just the cold, just death. To live is to suffer.

"You did not suffer."

Whirling around I search for the voice, finding nothing I go back to the bidding of my King. Cackling I decended upon the town's folk bringing them release that only death can bring. I did not understand their screaming and my own dry chuckle drowned some of them out.

"I have family... please... No! Oh Light save me..." their crys ring out finally drowning my laughter.

This is not what you are.. softly the unknown voice whispers. Quickly it is drowned out by the Will of the King.


Shaking my head in momentary confusion I then smile at my King's voice giving me direction, giving me purpose once more.

You once were a Hero echos unheard in my mind.

((yes yes, I will get to her transformation soon))
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