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The Paths We Choose

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 06, 2009 9:48 am    Post subject: The Paths We Choose Reply with quote

(( As Janka has been involved with the good folks here at Bad Moon Rising, I thought I'd post a little story I wrote right before the expansion came out. The person playing Robauk has moved on to another server (he has actually been gone for several months now), so this was a small way that shows Janka too has moved on. And new paths have already been chosen for Janka since this story has been written, in fact, so be on the lookout for upcoming news involving her. Smile ))

Janka sat on a sun-baked rock of Durotar, overlooking the small troll village of Sen'jin. She had just left Orgrimmar, and was seeking a quiet place to think, away from the cries of grief left by the Scourge attack on the city. Events of the day, no, events of the past few months had given her pause for thought.

Had it finally come full circle? Her thoughts drifted back to nearly two years ago, the day she had been sent to Sen'jin to seek out a young orc rogue. How her life had changed since that fateful day! She was no longer the orc sent on that assassination mission. She had grown, matured. She had known love. She had become adept in battle. She had gotten too serious.

She chuckled quietly at that last thought. Yes, she had become too serious as of late. Gods forbid that she become too much like Grokus. She laughed outright at that thought. It was enough that she had mistakenly had her hair cut to mimic his, which he was incessant about pointing out. Thank goodness enough time had passed she could wear her hair in her old style again. Not that it was stopping him from mocking her continually. Her anger began to rise slightly at the thought of his mocking. Why did she let him get to her like that? Why were they constantly going at each other?

She picked up a rock and threw it, releasing her anger. Yes, the seriousness had to go. She would leave it for battle, but in her everyday life, it was time for change.

Her thoughts then drifted to Kerrig, the Shield of the Hammers. His actions that night in the battle against the Scourge in Orgrimmar surprised her, and it was not his prowess in battle she was thinking of. That would never surprise her as he was an excellent warrior. Instead it was a side of him that he had chosen to show that she'd never seen before. At first he had just wanted to get her word that she would become the Shield for the Hammers if something were to happen to him. Then it turned into something else. She still wasn't sure what to make of what he had done.

Then it dawned on her! It was the battle and being caught up in the moment! She had also gotten caught up in the heat of battle and returned his kiss in kind. She chuckled. That would explain his kiss. It was no more than two orcs in close battle letting the frenzy carry over into other passions. She had certainly experienced the same thing enough with Robauk during battle.

At the thought of Robauk, her gaze drifted over the spot where she had nearly stepped on the young orc rogue so many months ago. A quick stab of pain went through her heart. She sighed. She would always love Robauk, but the fates had decided it wasn't meant to be. For reasons known only to the two of them, their paths had diverged taking them in opposite directions.

Now the Warchief, Thrall, was choosing a path for all of them. They were heading to Northrend, to once and for all, put an end to the madness of Arthas. To lay waste to the Scourge who were once again invading the shores of Azeroth.

What new paths would she choose in Northrend? Only time would tell.
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