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Loose Ends

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((For more on Vaeldrin’s somewhat different world view, see here and here.))

Chapter 1: Loose Ends

Vaeldrin bolted upright, displacing the thin, sweat-soaked blanket that was more than was necessary in Hellfire Peninsula. The Thrallmar inn was dark, the fires banked down to glowing embers, but the dream vision, no random nightmare, was still bright and vivid behind his eyes. He made his way to the front of the inn, padding softly on bare feet and clad only in the linen pants he slept in. The Blood Knight gazed up at the variegated Outland sky with the mixture of wonder and terror it always instilled in him and let the slightly cooler air outside the inn dry the sweat on his bare chest.

With the forces of the Burning Legion largely defeated and scattered, most of the Pack, and indeed most of the Horde and Alliance as a whole, had begun expeditions to Northrend to face the new threat of the Lich King and the Scourge. But Vaeldrin’s dreams insisted that there was still a threat in Outland and he had learned to trust his dreams. How could he not, when they had become so much more under the tutelage of the Tauren spiritualists. If the Earth Mother had sent him these visions, as he believed she did, it was his responsibility to follow them, just as Trannok’s vision still led the Pack to stand united against the evil that would destroy all they loved and cared for.

A shift in the breeze brought with it the scent of sulfur, of flame and the metallic tang left in the air after a lightning strike. The distinctive clash and thrum of one of the few remaining Fel Reavers echoed through the distance. Somewhere out there a darkness lingered, waiting, nursing its wounds and biding its time in order to leap at the unguarded backs of those who had moved on.

Vaeldrin ran a hand through his hair and scratched at the stubble he was trying to grow out on his chin as he strode over to where Windchaser slept among the other mounts. Golden eyes peered knowingly back at him as he approached. The mighty wolf lifted his shaggy head and Vaeldrin scratched him roughly behind his ears.

"I'm sorry they won't let you sleep in the inn, my friend." Windchaser huffed out a breath, dismissing the strange habits of those who needed shelter from the night, and Vaeldrin chuckled. He still found a bed, no matter how base, more comfortable than sleeping on the ground. Particularly, the hard, cracked, and dusty ground of Hellfire. The massive brown wolf nudged him back to his feet and back towards the inn.

"You're right, Windchaser, I should get what sleep remains of the night. We have busy days ahead of us before we can follow our friends to Northrend." Perhaps the threat wasn’t as dire as he feared, but he would seek it out nonetheless. Resolved to follow this through to the end, Vaeldrin returned to his bed in the Inn. He slept dreamlessly until the dawn.

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