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Jaricjo and Jim

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PostPosted: Thu May 28, 2009 2:57 pm    Post subject: Jaricjo and Jim Reply with quote

(This was inspired by Zurasha's return)
Ah been lookin’ for meh big sistah, Zurasha, for a while now. She disappeared an’ ah been concern since we onleh found eachudah again in de past few months.
Ah been askin’ de spirits to help meh find her and dem tell meh dat she be fine and dat ah have uddah tings to worry about.
So ah goes on worryin’ about uddah tings and lookin’ for Zura but not findin’ her.
Den one day ah be in Orgrimmar and ah sees her. Ah so happeh ah almost jumps outta meh skin! But den some smarmeh lookin’ male walk up to her and kiss her.
Ah don’t know dis guy an’ ah don’t tink ah be likin’ him kissin’ on meh sistah. So raddah den walkin’ up and greetin’ meh sistah like ah had been plannin’ ah duck between some buildin’s as dey pass by soes ah can get a good look at dis guy.
Ah suppose he’s not bad lookin’ for a male but ah still don’t know if he be good enough for meh sistah. Dat’s when self speaks up “So what we do about dis guy?”
“Ah not sure yet” ah says
“Maybeh we test him?” self question meh.
“Maybe we arrange a fight for him?” ah says
“Dat be a grand idea” self says
So de next day ah follows Jim out into de Barrens and up into Ashenvale. Ah turns mehself into a wolfy shape to get around easier and not be seen by him. Ah calls him Jim cause ah don’ know him real name.
So Jim starts down de path to de Warsong camp an’ ah sees a couple o’ human scouts out lookin’ for trouble. So ah sneaks ovah by dem an’ makes just a little bit o’ noise to get them lookin’ in ol’ Jim’s direction. Den ah fades back into de forest.
Dem humans start to investigate and fins Jim walkin’ alone on de path. So dem sets up a little ambush for Jim. But Jim be more wielly den dem and sees the trap long before dem can spring it.
Ah chuckle a wolfy chuckle an’ so does self. Jim walk up all innocent like and de humans jump out at him. Fast as a jackrabbit Jim cuts de firs’ human in two and spin round on de udda one. Dat human looks like he don’ know what to do. So him runs away. Jim not gonna let dis one get away so him jumps on de human and de way he ends dat poor ting makes meh laugh a wolfy laugh and ah rolls down de hill ah was watchin’ from down into a little clearing away from de path Jim be on.
When ah looks up ah realize ah am surrounded by lots o’ humans.
Self says “Uh oh!” and ah says “Not good” and de humans attack.
Latah while ah be chewin’ on a fingah bone o’ one o’ dem humans dat attack meh, de spirits come and ask ol’ Jaricjo what I learn from meh adventure.
So ah tinks about it and says “If ju gonna test somebodeh, make sure der isn’t a test waitin’ for ju next.”
De spirits kinda chuckle at me and den say “We hope ju sistah don’ find out what ju did. Uddawise even we may not be able to save ju!”
And we laughed. Now I jus’ gotta make sure Zura don’ find out what ah did.
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