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Machinations: Resolution

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PostPosted: Fri May 18, 2007 9:18 am    Post subject: Machinations: Resolution Reply with quote

Sorra stood at the entrance to the inn in Grom'gol. She wore her full battle dress gear which consisted of a mish-mash of red cloth and whatever else was most useful, including her tabard. She still felt odd wearing the symbol of Bad Moon Rising. The tribe image, their purpose, their way of life, it was so very different from anything she'd ever known. I might have been more of a stretch for her if it weren't for the fact that her love was a Troll Witch Doctor.

Smiling at the thought of Verletah, Sorra smoothed a hand over her short, red hair. Glancing briefly at the nails on her opposite hand, and noticing they needed a manicure, badly, Sorra stepped from the inn doorway. It was time to head back into the jungle, there were just a few small quests left to do and then it was on to Feralas.

Emerald eyes casually surveyed the small outpost as she headed for the gates, Sorra was surprised to realize that she was not bothered by the rustic nature of the buildings, towers and wall of rough timber. Perhaps she would have been more fascinated by it a hundred years ago, having only known Silvermoon before that. Maybe she would have been a little hesitant to touch things for fear of dirt or illness. It shamed her to realize she had been like that, but it shamed her more that many of her people -still- acted that way.

Smiling and saluting the soldiers at the gate, who smartly returned her salute by slamming their fists on to their chests, as any proper soldier of the Horde would, Sorra headed into Stranglethorn Vale. After getting just out of site of the gate, she realized she'd forgotten her recently acquired mount, Sanguine. Laughing at herself, she turned around to run back.

Jerking back sharply as someone appeared on the road directly behind her, Sorra let out a gasp of recognition. Doing the first thing that came to mind, Sorra flung out her hands, saying sharply in Thalassian, "Frost Nova!"

Grunting as ice formed around their feet, the person in question was still able to snag Sorra by the arm.

"No! Stop it, Lucein!" she shouted, struggling to break his bruising grip. Ignoring her protest, he hit her upside the head with the blunt handle of his sword. Sorra slumped to the ground, groaning in pain as she clutched her head.

Finally breaking free of the ice she'd frozen him to the road with, he jerked her to her feet by his grip on her arm. Whimpering softly, Sorra attempted to elbow his mail clad ribs. Sorra gasped in pain as the mail tore open the cloth and skin on her elbow. She growled, "Fire Blast!" Shoving her hands against his chest this time.

Crying out as the blast of fire heated his armor to alarming temperatures, Lucein stumbled back, clawing at his chest. Not wasting anytime, Sorra flung her hands out, "Cone of Cold!" Frigid winds and ice shards swirled from her hands in quick, flesh tearing circles. The ice slammed into Sorra's twin, leaving small, bleeding cuts on his face and battering his armor.

This also had the unfortunate affect of cooling off his armor. raising his sword again, he stalked toward her, saying, "Little Sister, it's time to end this. You dishonor me and our parent's memory with your actions. Time to die, Little Sister."

Hurt and scared of what exactly Lucein would do, Sorra was unable to properly get a spell off in time as he slashed at her with his sword. Blood sprayed in the air, shocking them both. Sorra clutched at her belly, crumpling to the ground at her brother's feet.

She whimpered, "Fine. Finish it then. But I won't go alone, Lucein." She lifted a hand to cast another spell, but this time the face of his shield slammed into her forehead, knocking her out, onto her back.

The paladin, panting slightly, cleaned his sword, sheathed it and then slung his shield onto his back. Kneeling next to Sorra, he pressed a hand to the stomach wound, white healing light closing the wound completely. It had been rather shallow really, so the spray of blood had surprised him.

"Little Sister..." he murmured, then shook his head. Flipping his pale red hair back over his shoulder, Lucein gathered his sister into his arms. Rising to his feet, he headed toward Grom'gol. Memories of finding her asleep on a pile of books at her desk, carrying her limp form to her room and tucking her in swirled in his mind.

And then the scourge came. Images of battles, death and the sickening feeling that always clawed at him swirled around him as he headed into the inn in Grom'gol. The aftermath had been no better for anyone, in fact, it might have been worse for the survivors. He'd escaped, gone with Keal'thas, gotten into Outland. But not Sorra. She wouldn't leave, wouldn't abandon what their people had held for centuries.

And yet, on his return he'd discovered she'd done just that. Thrown it all aside for this New Horde, for these new 'friends' she'd made. She'd even taken a troll lover. And she'd been consorting with the Alliance as well! How dare she? His own sister, she betrayed him and their name. His one small consolation had been she no longer used their last name, though even this angered him. Did she think she was too good for it now?

His expression a mixture of sorrow and seething anger, he carried Sorra's body aboard the zeppelin as it arrived.

Lucein thought, as he laid her limp, still bloody body, near a railing, Why did you have to change, Sorra? Now I must lose you too.

((To Be Continued...))

((If you'd like to read what lead up to this, I'll see if I can't gather up all the links dealing with Sorra and Lucein's storyline. This has been going on for a few months and I'm finally to the point where I can resolve the conflict in a satisfying ending. As of right now, Sorra is indeed in the hands of her brother.

Though I doubt there is anyway anyone would know this for sure, if anyone wants to help poor Sorra out, just let me know. Alas Lucein is not a character in game, so the interaction with him would have to be via Sorra in game or on the boards here. If that doesn't discourage you, then just send me a PM and we can discuss details before you post. Thanks and I hope you enjoy the Resolution.

/salute ))
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PostPosted: Wed May 23, 2007 12:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sorra's dreams were fraught with horrors. Horrors from the war and the razing of Silvermoon by the Scourge. The deaths of so many she held dear, repeated over and over, were made more gruesome by the fact that the faces of the Scourge committing the vile acts were also the faces of the ones being torn to pieces.

Crawling away, under the cover of night, Sorra made it to the golden entrance of the city. Crying in relief, she threw caution to the wind as she made a break for the safety of her people's fair city. The stones were slick and black beneath her feet. She looked down, as she ran, trying to figure out what had made them so slick, so sticky, so... bloody.

Sorra screamed. Blood. Blood everywhere she looked, coating everything, the golden walls, the golden steps, even the plants were practically dripping with the sticky, oozing substance. Her feet slipped out from under her. Thumping to the ground, her unpadded rear taking most of the fall, Sorra stared in horror around her.

Then a shadow fell across her. Glancing up she realized that the moon looked huge. Then she saw the shadowy face of the figure standing over her.

"Lucein," she whispered. She reached up toward him, her entire body seemed to be pleading with him to make it all go away. A white grin split his handsome features. He reached out a hand, but before Sorra could reach him, he was jerked backward.

The snarling face of an undead human latched onto Lucein's neck, effectively tearing out his throat. As blood sprayed Sorra's face, she let out a scream along with an arcane blast which destroyed the scourge and whatever was left of her brother.

It was then that Sorra woke up sobbing. She clutched her head, the pain in it made worse by the sobs that wracked her body. She felt like she was suffocating, yet she couldn't get enough air. Breathing faster than she thought possible, Sorra curled up into a ball, trying to calm herself, trying to find her focus.

Eventually her tears and her breathing calmed, her body limp from the pain still coursing through her and the amount of energy the panic attack had drained from her already weakened body.

"So... awake I see. Good. I would hate for you to miss all the fun," Lucein's deep voice said from somewhere behind her.

Fear shot through her again. How could she have forgotten? Lucein had her, which was why her head hurt, he'd shield bashed her. Swallowing down the bile in her throat, Sorra slowly made her way to her other side, careful not to jar her head more than she needed to.

Opening her eyes, she saw the inside of a ship, the dark wood and dim lanterns giving the place an eerie feel to it. Combine that with a Blood Elf's glowing green eyes, and Sorra was even more creeped out. What the Nether was Lucein up to? If he'd wanted her dead, he would have killed her already, so what was the catch?

"What.." the word came out a croak, so she cleared the frog from her throat and tried again. "What do you want, brother? Why play these games?"

Lucein laughed softly, the sound sickeningly sensual. "Dear sister, why -not- play these games? After all, what other past time could I possible take up to keep me from being bored while I'm waiting here on this worthless rock?"

Sorra shook her head, then regretted it as the throbbing pain became a roaring blast wave in her mind. Through gritted teeth she said, "Waiting for what? And why your own sister?"

The scrape of a chair, told Sorra he'd risen to his feet. His footsteps brought him to her side in a few strides. The tinkling of mail armor sounded in her ears. Then his voice, soft, heated, against her ear, "Waiting for Kael'thas to return, though I think, instead, I will simply request a transfer back to the Outlands. I've wasted too much time here. As for why I chose you? I didn't. You just happened to be the most convenient, right after that wench, Reyja."

Sorra opened her eyes. As her vision blurred she saw, for perhaps the first time, that Lucein was missing half an ear. Letting out a soft huff of air for a laugh, Sorra said faintly, "What happened to you?"

His expression unreadable for a moment, the Blood Knight ran his emerald eyes over Sorra's face. When he spoke, his tone held only sorrow, "I wish I knew, Sorra. So much happened, I knew the only thing that I could do was to follow our Prince, no matter what. He would lead us to victory and then I could return to you. But when I finally did..." His expression hardened along with his voice, "You were changed as well."

Sorra's eyes filled with tears, "Oh Lucein, I had no choice. I was desperate for a cure, I didn't want to be addicted anymore. I've finally got some small measure of control. So if that makes me a disgrace in your eyes, then so be it. And if you cannot accept that I have a bond with another being, no matter what they look like on the outside, then you never truly loved me for who I am anyway."

Closing her eyes, tears slipping from them to soak into her mussed, red locks, Sorra waited, wondering when the blow would come. So it was with some shock and a small jerk, that Sorra felt a soft kiss pressed to her forehead. Emerald eyes flew open, her gaze focused on her brother's face, so close to her.

"I still hate what you've become. But because I loved you, once upon a time, I will let you go." His voice was stony, his expression dark and unreadable.

Rising his feet, he gazed at her a moment longer, then turned away, his long red hair flipping from his shoulder to hang down his back. He gathered up his shield and sword, putting them in their proper place. Keeping his back to her, he said, "You won't see me again. I am to return to Outland within the next week. If I do see you there, and you do try to oppose that which I fight for, I will strike you down, Little Sister."

Beyond confused, Sorra said, "But... just like that? What about the bounty? What about the pain you caused Reyja?" Her voice slowly became indignant as anger rose within her. Shakily pushing to her hands and knees, she continued, "You think just letting me go will cut it? You killed Reyja's friend. You beat her and nearly broke her mentally. You put a price on my head!"

Lurching to her feet, Sorra glared at his back, "You don't just get to walk away from this. You don't just get to say we're even, because this is not even and I will not let you get away with what you've done. I have refrained, up until now, from attempting to harm you because I wanted to be the one with moral superiority. But you know what?" Sorra gave a hollow laugh, "Fuck morality. And fuck you, Lucein."

Whirling at her last words, Lucein opened his mouth, only to be blasted in the chest with an icebolt that knocked backwards onto the table. The impact of his body split the rickety table in two, sending him tumbling to the floor amid a shower of dust and splinters. Sorra then shot another ice bolt at him, this time knocking him upside the head.

His entire body was covered in ice and frost, his hair, even his eyebrows were frozen solid. He lay there, dazed amid the broken halves of the table. He whispered, "Sorra... wait."

"No! No more!" she shouted, then shot another icebolt, this one a direct hit to his chest.

He gasped for air, his body bowing as the cold slowly crept through his armor, into his body. His back arched as his body stiffened, the frostbite already setting in on his ruddily handsome face.

Sorra brushed at the half frozen tears on her cheeks. Her body slumped to the ground, the loss of mana doing just as much to weaken her condition as any physical exertion. Closing her eyes, Sorra allowed the blackness to envelop her mind. She didn't even feel it when her upper body thumped to the wooden floor of the deck.

((To Be Continued...))
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