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Ooooh Darlin...

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 23, 2009 3:17 pm    Post subject: Ooooh Darlin... Reply with quote

Alright, i've been putting this off forever, and as the bossman is about to leave for the day, i figured hey, why work? here goes...

The hut was a mess. Papers scattered everywhere, ink drying on the floor, food missing and clothes torn. Bowcat stood in the midst of it, just home from a holiday in Stranglethorn, absolutely bewildered as to who would have done this to her place.
It's not like she was a rich priest, on the contrary, there was little here that would be of any real value to most.
Yet, someone had been here.
And, as she edged along the mess, found that they had left something behind.

Bowcat picked up the small, barely-bound stack of unevenly cut paper, and opened the cover.
This is what she read.

"day 1.
'ow do i be knowin' its day 1? who went 'n' said oh 'ey girl, it be day 1, you best be takin dat ink ta paper and makin sometin' of yourself.
i woke up in anoder bed. not all dat alarmin', really, i be doin' dis before. but dis be diff'rent. dis be a dark place. voodoo in dis place. bad, bad mojo.
and i be part 'o it, i tink.

day 5.
sometin' changed. the world, it no be the same as i left her. maybe it be de eyes dat changed, no' the world. no mirrors here, so i can't be lookin at da pretty eyes no more, but sometin' definitely changed.
an' why i got me no shoes? feet all bare, d'ere be snow here and me wid no shoes. maybe da big man took mah shoes. maybe he no wantin me to be goin anywhere jus' yet.

day 7.
i be righ'. da world, she changed. i be changed. memories be comin back, though dey be all scrambled. a fight, big fight, and me be by someone side. so angry. so much of da blood. i tink it be mine.
still i got me no shoes. i no know what be happenin to mah shoes. toes are cold 'ere.

day 9.
i be in trouble. i no be healin, it be gone from me. where does it go? wit mah shoes maybe?

i be strong now. i no be a lil' ting no more. i be pullin da bad boys all da way to me an' you gotta see da big knifey i got now! so shiny! hard tah get da blood off it.

d'ere be a big boy 'ere, yellin out orders an' pushin me around. i no tink i like him so much. yah tink he has mah shoes?

day 15.
i found mah way back into da world, but it no be the world i left. Bowcat, she gone. Mah house, empty, mah memory, dat go wit it. no more snow but i be cold all da time now. i can no heal anyone now but me, and i no see what fun dat be. i do be takin' down d'ose d'at hurt dah little ones.

i still got da big knife-tingy, it be good in mah hands and though i can't be healin' anymore, i gots me some mojo of mah own, an' i can be makin' d'ose d'at try to hurt mah friends, dey pay.
so i guess no havin' shoes is worth d'at.

i do miss da Bowcat. an' warm toes."

Bowcat let the book slide from her fingers. Sat down hard on the floor.

"Oh, sista..."

How long had it been since she'd been gone? A summer? Two? Bowcat couldn't now remember. The war had been hard, the losses great, including losing her younger sister at far too early an age. Taken from her home while she herself had been out fighting, healing. From the sound of the journal, the child she'd nicknamed Darlin' had fallen from the light, wandering lost.
And she hadn't grown up.

Bowcat shivered. The thought of a troll, mentality of a child, weilding a weapon? Dangerous thing, that was. She hoped that at least Darlin' had found someone to guide her. Someone without the malice this side of the world was famous for.
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