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Yet Another %$#! Learning Experience

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Pack Mate

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 01, 2009 12:13 pm    Post subject: Yet Another %$#! Learning Experience Reply with quote

((based on a true story))

Another day, another incursion attempt by the Blue Dragonflight into the beleaguered fortress of Violet Hold. A party of “heroes” emerges, having quelled the latest disturbance at the request of the hapless mages, and stands for a minute, resting, on the bridge over the moat in front of the great gates.

A large Tauren warrior in formidable plate mail stands at the stone railing, looking idly over the side. Of all the party that has emerged, he alone seems serene, calm and unwinded. A druid in tree form continues to provide health to the other three members of the group, who are variously leaning and sitting on the ground next to the stone railing, catching their breath.

“Thanks for letting us watch you put down that rebellion in there, Nibaw,” an undead man says with a chuckle. He stretches his bony legs out on the stone ground and leans back on his shield, eyes glowing blue in the growing twilight.

Huddled in a pool of darkness, the troll priestess nods. “Yah, joo pretty much took care o' dat whole sitchooashun by yaself dere. An' tanks to yah too, druid lady, dat was some real good healin' joo gave.”

“Thank you,” Amadahy says, waving her branches one last time before shifting back into the form of a female Tauren. “Though it wasn't really that difficult, I'm not sure -”

“No. Oh, spirits kick my TAIL, NO!”

At the outburst, the other four turn to look at the final member of the group, another druid, this one in the form of a cat. With a cascade of sparks, she transforms back into the form of a Taunka – slightly larger than the average Shu'halo build, with a shorter muzzle and shaggier fur – and stares at her garments in embarrassed dismay.

“What's wrong, Keet?” asks the undead man.

The Taunka covers her face with her hands and mumbles something incoherently, then throws her arms wide. “I thought I wasn't fighting as effectively as I usually do! I knew I was forgetting something, I just... arrgh!”

The other druid is the first to catch on, and she begins to laugh. “Hah! I was wondering why you didn't need as much healing as the others!”

Keetana pulls aside her tabard to reveal that the leather armor she's wearing is covered with the intricate patterns of twining vines that mark gear made for a druidic healer. “I forgot to change my armor,” she says, her eartips nearly glowing pink in the twilight.

“Joo kiddin' me?” the troll says, then her laughter joins that of the rest of the party. “No wondah it looked like Nibaw was killin' everyt'ing by hisself!”

After a few minutes of mortified silence, the Taunka chuckles too, tugging her tabard back into place. “Well, I'll call that a learning experience. We all survived – and next time, I'll remember to check my gear before I go into a fight!”
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Pack Mate

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 02, 2009 4:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

((It IS true story! Cute idea to turn it into a blurb))
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