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Children of Mu'sha

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 22, 2010 11:29 am    Post subject: Children of Mu'sha Reply with quote

To the Shu'halo the Goddess Earth Mother has two aspects. The light, and the dark. The Sun, An'she and the Moon, Mu'sha.

In the long years I have walked the ground I have thought many things. Black fur and the common coloration of the Grimtotem clan has made me the subject of much comment growing up. Further the black rumors reguarding the Grimtotem involvment in the Scoruge, and my own families subsequent death in Scoruge attack has placed me under strict observation.

At times I have found for myself my own heart closed, at other times open. The Earth Mother's blessings can be a balm to the spirit, and it can also rip you to shreads.

In the long years of earning the respect of my foster family, and the training in the ways of the Druid I have investigated the moonwells dotting the world, always there would I hear the spirit of my sister Muniun speaking to me through these portols to the Dream.

Then the Knights of the Ebon Blade came, and I heard her no more. The blue white light of their eyes a curious common ground with the moonwells, and the dark light of the moon.

I wonder at the battle raging in the Dream, the Nightmare that is to come is far greater than this petty child in magic armor. The Lich King is but a distraction, though quite effective. No one can suffer his will to prevail. Thus we do throw ourselves relentlessly against the walls of his fortress deep in Northrend.

I do wonder if these Knights of the Ebon Blade are of those who have fought free of the Nightmare in the Dream; fallen warriors of the goodly races come to rise again in cursed bodies to take up the battle once more. Children of Mu'sha come to aid us.... I wonder if the talk of the sun-touched warriors will come to pass as well. I fear we will need all that can be summoned to overcome what is still yet to come.

.......where is Muniun, has she risen as one of these knights?
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