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After midnight, The Den (Attn. everyone!)

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 26, 2010 9:31 pm    Post subject: After midnight, The Den (Attn. everyone!) Reply with quote

The Den, peaceful or as close to it as ever it came, slumbered beneath the roots of Mount Hyjal, deep in Ashenvale forest. A few lights burned, here and there. Keryn was bent over her desk, trying to decipher semi-literate reports from her field agents.

The lamp trembled, vibrating faintly across the surface of the desk. Keryn grabbed for it and doused it quickly.

"MORE earthshakes," she grumbled. "They need to stop."

The rumble rose, the trees in the forest outside thrashed wildly and wildlife fled, screaming.

Within the Den, dust and small stones fell from the ceiling. Glass could be heard breaking, metal clattering as weapon and armor racks tumbled, and children crying as the earth shook.

Keryn vaulted her desk, ignoring the stacks of carefully organized reports cascading onto the floor, and yanked open her office door. She drew breath to shout, then broke off, coughing and spitting rock dust. She tried again.

"Red? Merell? Damage report! NOW!"
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 02, 2010 8:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The bull had been asleep face down over his worktable, horns just barely keeping his nose from laying against the surface. As the shout echoed through the Den he came awake at once. One hand slapped the butt of the rifle laying on the worktable, sending it into the air to be caught one handed as he barreled out the door of his room, only pausing to grab the goggles slung over the door's knob.

"It's alright," he says in a softer tone as he pushes his way deeper into the Den. "Wait outside if you want," he adds to a younger tauren head sticking out of a room, looking confused. RedWater moved further down the hallway, holding the goggles up over his eyes momentarily here and there as he moved.

The frown set itself firmly on his face by the time he had reach the end of the hall. He turned back, only to stop and raise the goggles once more. "Blast it all," he hissed under his breath as he pointed the rifle upward, poking at a chunk of rock in the roof with the long bayonet. It only took a little bit of prodding to bring a large chunk of stone as big as his head crashing to the floor at RedWater's hooves.

He turns and walks back down the passage way, his voice bellowing. "Everyone, check your rooms. I want to know about anything that's... loose." He continues til he reaches Keryn's office doorway where he looks down to the woman, one clear blue eye, one milky white focusing on her. "We have problems."
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 04, 2010 9:18 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

A rather gaudily dressed figure, sporting a brightly colored robe and a multitude of pouches across his belt wanders up to the cave. With the shaking of the earth, he staggers somewhat drunkenly from side to side, attempting to compensate for the rolling of the earth.

Pausing a moment to stare at the opening, watching small stones and large rocks roll away from the now slightly wider entrance to the Den, the figure ponders the scene. A hand raises up under the hood, a pale and withered finger tapping a slightly misaligned jaw. Seeming to reach a decision, the figure steps to the side where several crates lie in a now jumbled heap. Pulling away a lid, he points a finger at the wood and a narrow shaft of fire lances forth. After a few moments of work, the figure leans the lid up against the wall to the side of the cave, facing outwards.

With a satisfied nod, the figure steps into the cave. Tremors and aftershocks continue to shake the ground, but the worst seems to have past. With a flourish, the figure sweeps back his hood, merrily dancing eyes, with a hint of madness, scan the scene before him. Furniture lays overturned at odd angles, and several stones the size of a dwarfs head lie scattered around. Everything lies in disarray.

With a laugh, the undead mage leans his frame down one of the many tunnels leading from the entryway and shouts "Mom! I'm Home! Keryn, I love what you've done with the place!"

A violent aftershock shakes the cave and the Mad Librarian staggers, gripping the wall to stay upright. Outside, the crate lid with the words If the Cave is a Rockin', Dont come a Knockin' falls over onto it's face.
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 04, 2010 1:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

((Oh dear... vintage Arakhav.))

Pebbles and a shower of dust rattled down from the ceiling, causing the imp to squall and de-phase. It continued complaining until the rocking and rumbling died out and silence returned.

Eri sat up, glowing eyes wide, both withered arms clutching a shapeless stuffed toy to her bony chest.

Carrlissa pouted and swished her tail. <Earthshake. How tedious.> She sighed, sounding put-upon, and re-folded her wings. <It's over now.> The imp smirked at her and chattered something in Eredun that made her frown at it.

Eri fished under the hard, narrow bed for her slippers and padded unsteadily towards the door, toy under one arm. "Don't worry, Mister Bun, they won't let the earth hurt you. You won't be buried alive. They will dig you out." Her voice had a very definite quaver to it, though. Mister Bun said nothing, being a stuffed rabbit, but the many repaired tears in his cloth face gave him a worried expression. Eri cautiously poked her head out into the corridor. People were shouting and running around and the air smelled like rocks and spilled potions.

""Everyone, check your rooms. I want to know about anything that's... loose."

Eri felt for the candle by the door and called up a pretty green spark of felfire to light it. It guttered for a moment in the draft from the open door, then settled, lighting the room.

Izik the felguard stood like a statue in the center of the room, both enormous arms stretched overhead. His face was as calm and impassive as always and he gazed upwards, at his hands which were supporting a section of the ceiling that had come loose.

It was larger than he was.

"Oh. Oh dear..."
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 05, 2010 9:22 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

We got injuries shouted Zurasha. She bent over a leg belonging to a grumpy Zandayah who had her leg wedged between some debris that feel from the ceiling. She kept trying to clean the wound and say some simple spells but the dust kept falling and thwarting her attempts. Frustrated she barked out a spell for a barrier to give herself time to clean the wound and cast without interruption. Then she cast a for a shield on Zandayah to act as a bubble to protect her.

As she worked, Zurasha's mind was troubled. This wasn't the first time she'd felt the earth move of late. This was just the first time it had hit so close to home, the place where she felt safest. The terrifying thing of it all was that Zura's conversations with the spirits in the earth were more afraid than angry. She wasn't a shaman so she couldn't be sure but they seemed to be calling out.

With the wound cleaned and stabilized, Zura shouted for some assistance to get Zandayah to safer ground. Ah needs some help down here. She immediately dove into triage, trying to determine if anyone else was hurt and what she could do for them. Most of the injuries that she had seen so far were minor. She grumbled under her breath ah tol' dem to always take dere bandages wit' dem but do they listen to Zura, no dey don't. She groused and complained but helping out with the medical needs of the tribe was the best way she knew how to help and her discontent really just belied her fear.
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 09, 2010 5:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The wyvern landed not long after the quake stopped, though the wyvern's passenger didn't need to feel the tremor to know how strong it was; he had seen the shaking and ensuing devastation as the two flew toward their destination in the heart of Ashenvale, and he had heard the angry cries of the earth. With soft hoofsteps, the tauren made his way from the wyvern roosts toward the den at the back of Splintertree Post, stopping only briefly to offer the spirits' healing touch to a guard who had been thrown into a nearby supply rack.

Kun paused outside the den's entrance, filling his lungs with the woodland air in an attempt to calm his anxieties. He had been here before and knew many among the tribe by name, but this would be the first time entering their home since his acceptance as a cub. Before he crossed the threshold, however, something on the ground caught his eye. Kun's brow furrowed as he knelt, scooped a makeshift sign from the earth, and turned it face up. As his eyes scanned the wording, his brow raised first in surprise and then mirth, and the shaman permitted himself the slightest chuckle before propping the sign up against the rock once more. The brief moment of laughter soon faded, and the tauren sets himself to the solemn task ahead.

Patting the den's stone frame, Kun spoke to the spirit of the rock. "Calm yourself, sister. Your dancing is causing harm to those who dwell within. Your shouting hurts those who have lovingly shaped and warmed you, shared their lives with you. Please, be still for them." He doubted his reassurance would do much good; most of the elements had been too frantic to listen to his pleas, but if there was any chance he could help settle the den, he had to try. "At least the rifts have not reached here yet," he sighed, pressing on toward the communal chambers within.

The first chamber Kun came to was in disarray: toppled furniture, fallen or broken items, injured people. A sweep of the chamber didn't reveal anyone with too dire of wounds, however, and some of the tribe's healers were already tending to them. The others present were either in shock or rushing through the chamber on one errand or another. Kun stopped one of the latter briefly. "Pardon me. I am Kun Felhoof, one of the new cubs. I was told to report to the senior shaman Uriz for assignment. Do you know where I might find him or another senior officer of the tribe?" Between recent events about Azeroth and the disaster in the den, Kun had little doubt that there would be plenty for him to do.
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 10, 2010 12:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

"This really won't do" Glooms thought to himself.

While he maintained his usual appearance of calm and dignity, the guild butler was inwardly concerned. He had spent the last several days going from room to room, picking up fallen items and placing them back where they belonged. Unfortunately for the old servant, the tremors were increasing both in frequency and strength, and it seemed that every time he had restored the Den to an approximate state of cleanliness, another huge rumble would shake everything loose again.

After his fifth attempt to restore order had failed, Glooms finally sighed inwardly (still not showing any outward emotion) and went to look for the pack leader. He found her talking animatedly to other pack members. Glooms coughed slightly to get her attention.

"Miss Keryn, if I might have a brief word...."

"Yes Glooms? What is it? As you can see, I am somewhat busy"

"I understand. This should not take long."

Keryn nodded, and the two stepped away from the others.

"Madam, I have come to tender my resignation. It appears I am unable to fulfill my duties as the Pack's personal gentleman. While I have always attempted to give satisfaction to those here in the Den, I fear I cannot keep up with the increasing level of untidyness caused by the rather annoying amount of earthquakes we are experiencing"

"Glooms, the messiness is not your .... " Keryn began

"Please Madam. I have always prided myself on maintaining a certain order here. It is now obvious to me that I have reached such an advanced age that I can no longer do so. I am sure you will want to find someone younger with more energy who can keep up with the work. I just wanted to let you know it has been a pleasure working for you and the Pack."

Keryn stood still for a moment, trying not to smile. A brief smirk crossed her face, and then she pretended to become serious.

"Very well Glooms. I understand" she bagan. "However, if you could do us the favor of staying on for a few weeks until we locate a replacement, I would be very grateful"

"Of course, madam" Glooms replied. "I would never leave you without someone in place". Bowing slightly, the old butler shuffled out.

"Good" thought Keryn. "A few weeks will be more than enough time to do what we need to do ...."
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