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The long road ahead

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PostPosted: Wed May 29, 2013 8:11 am    Post subject: The long road ahead Reply with quote

Quietly Chasy sat in her farm house a recent addition of property in pandaria. The events that have come to pass have so far have been overwhelming. After make some sense of the letter received from Raja Kumadi a meeting made to join the tribe. Becoming a cub was easy the trials set before her where many and difficult. Even with such tasks Garrosh's tasks were more challenging.

Krasarang Wilds the landing site of the Horde army and the alliance as well. Still loyal to the horde efforts Chasy had helped ensure the beach was captured. But after completing these tasks a horrible event came to pass. Vol'jin leader of the darkspear was almost assassinated thou Garrosh assumes he succeeded.

Chasy would then let the horde army fight there own battle at domination point. Focusing on assaulting Mogu'shan Vaults. The tribes greatest champions against the Mogu's secrets. The battles where challenging Chasy was called upon to lead some of the battles. After many battles the vaults where cleared and the Matid were next to be dealt with by the tribe.

Even as the tribe ensured the safty of pandaria Chasy received a message she could not ignore. Lor'themar has called for champions to aid in the assault on the Isle of Thunder. He rarely sends personal request and even more rarely leads the armys in the front lines. The assault was brutal but Chasy would not let his people down.

Securing there foot hold took many days the Zandalaria made use fight for ever inch. Chasy reviewed the spy report and saw many key target she could handle while the main army assaulted the throne. After confirming there locations Chasy gather some allies and assaulted then one by one. Standing over Al'tabim the All-Seeing's corpse she found a strange book.

The book was unlike any she had seen clearly Demonic in nature. Chasy found her old teacher and asked what it was the book spoke of. He said I would need to find out myself he gave me his journal a chronicling of a meet of great warlocks. It mentioned how we gain some of are new abilitys and spells. It also told of Kanrethad Ebonlocke missing since he set out to find new power for warlocks.

After following his path and discovering his plans Chasy discover the trail ended at the black temple. This only pointed to one possible outcome that Kanrethad found the power he searched for. The battle that would ensue would challenge the limits of Chasy's abilitys possible kill her.

After thinking of all that has happened there is still more to come. Chasy gathered the things she would need for the ultimate Warlock showdown to come. Would she defeat him with what power he has found? Even if she did would the power consume her next and force her new found tribe to slay her. Outside the farm house came a voice "Chasy the tribe requests your presence". It was tribes high counsel but what could be so important to bring them to my home.

" It has been decided after many trials and great deeds you have proven yourself. Your time as cub was long but no more you are one of us. The tribe welcomes you as a true member of the pack from this day forward."

After thanking those in attendance and some Celebration Chasy once again gathered her things. She would come back stronger or not come back at all.
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